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Name Katniss Horan :D (last name to Niall Horan)
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All you need to know about me! 

x Took my first breath on November 19th
x My laugh makes you faint
x I'm awesome
x My fans are awesome
x Have a book all dedicated to fans
x Awesome to chat with, craving it right now
x Addicted to wattpad 
x Love the name, Katniss
x Call me Katniss now or else...
x Come to the dark side, we have cookies
x Welcome to the dark side, we lied about the cookies 
x Wattpad inspires me 
x I look good in pictures (:D) 
x I love making book covers
x I can make book covers for you 
x Okay this is super secret, naaah, I can't tell you
x I made like a gazillion books
x My BFF is omgitsmadi
x My good friends for school are purplelollipop, everythingdietcoke, omgitsharley, and more!!!!!! 
x Books I am working
x Swept Away- probably the best book I've written 
x Dance For Me- new book! But I hope you'll like it! 
x The Diary of Kasandra Jones- scored like a hundred more reads this week! Thnx! 
x I speak 3 different languages 
x I love One Direction
x I'm dating Niall Horan (so hoootttt!) 
x I will make your world awesome
x I love my fans and you for reading! 
x I'm made of diamonds and jems
x I cost a gazillion billion million sillion gillion dollars! 
x Thanks for stalking me! Hehe. Inside joke. 
x 91% of girls would be dead right now if Justin Bieber thought breathing was uncool, put this on your profile page if you're part of the 9% ROFL right now. 

Thanks for viewing me! Chat with me anytime. Please VCF. Baby meaning for Vote, Comment, and Fan!!!!!!!!!!!!! Or else....
I know it doesn't scare you but just go along. (You scream!)

( '_') 
(> )>o I was going to give you this cookie 

....('_' ) 
.o<( <) But then i was like... 

. (>o<) ITS MY COOKIE!!! 
. U....U 

( '_') 
(> )>o Then i said sharing is caring.... 

....('_' ) 
.o<( <) But then i was like... sharin is carin....but... 

. (>o<) I LIKE C


The Spy Who Lost Her Heart

The Spy Who Lost Her Heart

3 parts / 2 pages, updated Mar 23, 2013PG-13
Juliet Tellers has long been wanting a relationship. A real one. Not one that is just spy to spy; partner to partner. Juliet suddenly finds her dream, but it's ... read more
43 reads votes 0 comments 0
The Diary Of Kasandra Jones: The Big Makeover

The Diary Of Kasandra Jones: The Big Makeover

8 parts / 5 pages, updated Mar 02, 2013
"It's like I never get my chance to shine. Every time I rise up to the microphone, someone pushes me down. But I want to be known as that ... read more
4,026 reads votes 49 comments 4
For My Loyal Fans (=

For My Loyal Fans (=

22 parts / 6 pages, updated Apr 23, 2012PG
This book is dedicated to my fans. I will create a whole entire page (may be short) on them. If you would like a page message me privately. I will also recommend books f... read more
527 reads votes 10 comments 10
Swept Away

Swept Away

18 parts / 13 pages, updated Apr 18, 2012
When a hurricane sweeps over Skyler Peyton Jones' hometown in North Carolina, she loses her mother and father and has to live with her grandparents. Eventually, she meets a boy.... read more
4,567 reads votes 71 comments 31


3 pages, updated Mar 05, 2012PG
At age 15, being kidnapped is not one of the best things ever. Especially, if you're kidnapped by someone you love, and wants to torture you. After that, you wish there was life af... read more
608 reads votes 7 comments 7
Jessie Mono: My Perfect Life! (plz read really good hehe!)

Jessie Mono: My Perfect Life! (plz read really good hehe!)

11 parts / 9 pages, updated Jun 12, 2011GPicturesCompleted
Jessica Mono. A typical teenage american girl. She has her love, life, and freedom. But will her relationships stay together?
842 reads votes 13 comments 24
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