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Questing Sucks! (book 1 completed, book 2 in progress)

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Rockinraptor2 posted a message to Parogar
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Hey Parogar, just wanted to say that I am a huge fan of your works especially HGH and I just wanted to know about how you feel about feminists claiming about being victims of telepathic rape. PS: I was dying from laughter especially those who claim it's real.

It's not One Direction's fault that the animal trainer is an assbag, though. How would they know? 

If anything, they're probably the first bunch of people who treated that chimp nicely in a very long time. If the animal trainer is so horrible, then the time that the chimp spent away from the guy was probably a good thing.
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I just was shocked because I REALLY can't stand One Direction's music but I never took them for animal abusers, and it seems like it's all bullshit and they didn't hurt any animals.

I take this personally, because the worst thing you can EVER accuse an animal lover of is abusing animals. False claims of harming animals is one of the sickest things the media can do.

There are real animal abusers out there. And if playing with a monkey makes someone an animal abuser, then it makes everyone with a pet an animal abuser, and my doggie ain't abused.
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^^ Apparently, PETA considers this to be proof that Harry Styles abuses animals. What a load of shit.

I don't hate the guy. I just don't like his music. But fair is fair. How the FUCK is that animal abuse? No, someone, tell me. Seriously, animal abuse is a serious accusation.

Whoever is accusing Harry Styles in PETA of animal abuse should be fined and sent to prison for falsely accusing someone of a crime.

I love animals. I know animal abuse when I see it. If that's animal abuse, then so is rubbing a dog behind its ears or kissing your cat on its nose.
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Having said all that, I don't think the 1D boys are bad people.  I just think I should be allowed to think their music is shit without being accused of being Hitler.

And also, having said THAT, this chimpanzee scandal is pure bullshit. Did you hear what happened? 1D is getting under fire because they made friends with a chimpanzee and had it in one of their videos.

Harmless, right?


PETA, the most ANNOYING fucking organization in the world, somehow considers this animal abuse.

A chimp sitting in their lap and being nice to them for a few seconds is animal abuse? How? No one abused that animal. They fed it and played with it. Big fucking deal.

You ever see what it looks like when a shark kills a seal?
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"But you're not respecting them!"

Okay. Then if I am not allowed to say anything negative about 1D, then YOU can't say ANYTHING negative about shit I like.

"It's hot out today."

^^ HEY! I like the heat! I now get to make death threats against you because you insulted my belief!
This comment may be offensive.
I have kept silent about how much 1D sucks because it's seriously considered a religion to some people. But then I realized. That's FUCKING ridiculous

A lot of gamers LOVED Final Fantasy 13. I thought it was shit. Yet if I said so here, someone might disagree with me, but no one is going to attack me as though I just attacked their religion.

Only 1D and Bieber fans do that, and Beiber fans are too stupid to form a coherent thought. 1D fans are much smarter but no less emotionally attached to figments of their imagination fostered by the media.

And it's hilarious because it's always just 5 guys walking on the beach waving their arms around.

Well, don't you know? Harry Styles is their boyfriend, like, literally, AH MY GOD HE LOVES THEM AND THEY'RE ALL TOTALLY GOING TO MEET HIM.

That's why it's okay to defend him as though they were personally friends with him. Cause he's Jesus! Harry is Jesus! He's gonna save everyone! He's SPECIAL! He''s so hawwwwt