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Psych Investigation Episodes: Foxes I

Psych Investigation Episodes: Foxes I

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Imagine for a moment that you were different from other people. Imagine if you had powers most people co...

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Announcements and Other Bullshit

Announcements and Other Bullshit

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Like it? Love it!

Like it? Love it!

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Some stuff kicks ass. *WARNING: OFFENSIVE CONTENT* (Current cover by @GamingProluvsdogs)

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Psych Investigation Episodes Trilogy II (Books 4, 5, 6)

Psych Investigation Episodes Trilogy II (Books 4, 5, 6)

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So random question to all... About how many psychotic, feminist,SWJ, I hate males, rape culture, feminist are there? Because as many as i'm finding... starting to wonder if there're are any normal women left.
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@Parogar the ':D' and '<3' ones. You seemed to be replying with that everywhere lol. 

(Also, thanks wattpad for making these messages incredibly hard to see/find)
LOL. I love Nathan Lane so much.

Apparently, when he was 21, he came out to his mother and told her he was gay.

She told him back, "I'd rather you were dead."

To which he replied, "I knew you'd understand."

LOL. His wit is epic.

Now try to imagine how big and confusing the terms become when someone’s male side is gay, and their female side is a transgender aromantic asexual. Good luck trying to wrap your head around that o...
We should just stick to male and female. It's the most effective and sensible system.

Trans women should just be called women.

Trans men should just be called men.

People who have no gender should go by their birth gender.

And everyone else should stop reading Tumblr
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Paramount cancelled the Team America world police screening. So lets all go to Netflix they have it on there at least last i checked they did.