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Haters Gonna Hate

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Like it? Love it!

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Some stuff kicks ass. *WARNING: OFFENSIVE CONTENT* (Current cover by @GamingProluvsdogs)

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Psych Investigation Episodes Trilogy II (Books 4, 5, 6)

Psych Investigation Episodes Trilogy II (Books 4, 5, 6)

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Books 3, 4, and 5 of the Psych Investigation Series. Please read the first three books before reading th...

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Questing Sucks! (book 1 completed, book 2 in progress)

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getmeoutofthis posted a message to Parogar
Like what @Skyhuntress said, Buddy - Heloo, you big drop bear! I lost my flower crown! I am sad!

Oh.  Ahm - *ahem* - Like Sky said, the ability to read on Wattpad  has been fer schnizzle lately.

Pages won't turn.
Chapters show up blank.
Posts and edits don't take properly.

Buttons don't acknowledge being pressed, and take forever to work, or don't work at all, or only work if you pound on them repeatedly.  Like for instance, I typed this WHOLE SPIEL on my Nook, but the POST button won't work, so I came downstairs - in my undies mind you! - to fire up my PC and retype this to you.

The Click Tracking and Advertising software Wattpad has recently installed causes Android devices to shut down as a safety precaution.

A Message that says 'Warning! Content from this site is from an unsafe source' shows up on the Log In page with an Android device that has Ad Block software on it.

The New Profile is extremely tablet unfriendly.  You can't mouse over a book to get the Blurb with a tablet.  If an author has less than five stories, you can't get any info at all on their stories at all with a tablet.

On my Nook and Nexus, I can scarcely see what I'm typing as a Comment to you, as this Dialogue box is teeny tiny, and so pale it looks almost completely blank.

You can't Expand the New Profile pages, to make the text bigger, and the short little lines of text in the dialogue box jump around like crazy when you try to edit or retype anything.

If you back up too far, you can't return to the last line of text on a Nook or Nexus, because it disappears from view, with no way to get it back.

I'm telling you, my friend.  I know I've been bitchin' like crazy over this New Profile roll out, but I've worked with computers all my life, for a living.

This New Profile roll out is a disaster.  You're not losing readers.
Readers are leaving Wattpad.  I guarantee it.
Foxbane posted a message to Parogar
it's not your fault you are doing great in your books and there published that's outstanding you are doing what you like and succeeding you have lots of fans that love your books so don't give up you have to much talent to give up I read your new chapters A's quick as I can eaven when I'm reading another book I will just stop to read it so don't give up eaven if if there's setbacks you can overcome them and become an even better writer.
Xx_WildWriter_xX posted a message to Parogar
i think wattpads been stuffing up, you are a good writer, i dont think you should give up afterall giving up on your goal after on set back is like slashing your other three tires because you got a flat. 

pull yourself together and continue what you do best.


^^ Check that out. It's from LILI. It shows the last date I was able to post ANYTHING that ended up being as it usually is.

Since the thing I wrote about how much I love babies, EVERY STORY has lost half its readers. Just PLUMMETED.

I can only assume that, A, I offended people so much by what I wrote on that day, or B, something happened.

Anything I posted after October 12th has just tanked.

It's just that it happened all at once. Like, on October 12th (the last time I updated a chapter and everything went normally), it was almost as if someone took a meat cleaver and sliced my reading base right down the middle.

Look at the jump: https://fbcdn-sphotos-h-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-xpa1/v/t34.0-12/10726740_10205273711946554_1342388218_n.jpg?oh=5d8fbc0e302000157c59dc49b0d21be9&oe=54477E0E&__gda__=1413897571_bb732d0b973e9047233981f383c323bd

^^ Look at how much it changed over the last few updates.