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HGH2: Hate Never Dies

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Announcements and Other Bullshit

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Like it? Love it!

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Some stuff kicks ass. *WARNING: OFFENSIVE CONTENT* (Current cover by @GamingProluvsdogs)

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Psych Investigation Episodes Trilogy II (Books 4, 5, 6)

Psych Investigation Episodes Trilogy II (Books 4, 5, 6)

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Books 3, 4, and 5 of the Psych Investigation Series. Please read the first three books before reading th...

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hello my dear PORAGAR ..........................................,........................................
dont follow the girl who named THEHATTERGIRL 
she will only taunt you,promise
bye bye
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Dammit Paro...what's the point of posting rants if you're just gonna delete them? I wanted to read your latest rant, especially since it was about bullying and I'm an anti-bullying advocate. :/
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Hey, I don't know if you're going to see this or not, but can you write about your opinion about the feud of Azealia Banks and Iggy Azalea. I am just sooo confused right now.
Sometimes I hate the way people treat authors. Like, take Anne Rice. The people from Amazon are bullying her again. I'm actually going to go in there and post this time around. Because this is just absurd. 

She's ANNE RICE. An internationally best-selling author with movie deals and who has singlehandedly defied the cultural norms of her time.

If you go to "Amazon Top Reviewers" forum (I'd try linking it but links rarely work to that place), it's one of the first threads called "Is this author gaming the review system."

They're accusing her of getting fake reviews, which is hurtful because she worked her entire life to establish a worldwide fanbase, just so they can mock her and push and prod

I am TIRED of these bullies going after my friends out of hatred and jealousy.
Not sure if the link works.