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Psych Investigation Episodes (Books 1, 2 & 3)

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Parogar posted a message

Please report this user for cyberbullying if you can: https://twitter.com/apocaIouptic

Also encouraging her followers to find Anna and "cut" her.

Parogar posted a message

lmfao at the stupidity of some of these people.

"kevin weinberg is weak as fuck like bro you ain't shit and you can't do shit, not even if you have someone's ip address"

Tell that to every criminal on the internet who has ever been caught, or anyone who has ever been hacked, or tracked down ever.

_KissMyAxe_ posted a message

@HavocRock Because what she did was wrong, Anna could have gotten seriously hurt. I just dont think she should've gotten away with it

_KissMyAxe_ posted a message

@Parogar Pity, i would have loved to watch her get her ass kicked.

HavocRock posted a message

Get all your fans to report this to twitter support. Take screenshots and if you know their wattpad ID report them to Wattpad without directly engaging them. The worst thing you can do for Anna is to'comfront these people yourself.

HavocRock posted a message

Talk to me on im.

Parogar posted a message

It's over.

Anna chose to forgive them. I trust Anna's decision, but I think she is WAY too kind and forgiving.

If it were me, I would've sent it all to the police like I planned. But Anna got swayed when she saw them all begging for mercy, so she asked me not to report them to the cops.

she's way too nice. One of these days she's going to forgive the wrong person, and they're going to come after her, no pun intended.

Let's hope it won't be someone from this group.

Anna is smarter than I am when it comes to these things, and she's WAY kinder. So I'll as usual trust her judgement. 

I'm gonna hold on to a few IP addresses just in case they act up again, though.

Incubus130 posted a message

Don't just let Wattpad deal with that Kevin. Like you said tip the authorities. If any thing happens to Anna at that concert i'll be organizing my own crime! That's just my opinion but don't let me get you in trouble.

HavocRock posted a message

Stop being silly. Do not provoke these people anymore or you might end up causing more harm than good.