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Ebonwing8 posted a message to Parogar
Dear Parogar,

This is fanmail! Yay! I just want to say that you are a really good writer and an excellent debatist, if that's a word. You make very good points and are very logical. I'm sorry that people are being stupid.


This comment may be offensive.
And no, NO ONE from Wattpad was involved in saying anything like that at all.  I hate how sometimes fighting for a good cause puts you together with allies who are USELESS and bring everything down with their inability to respect a fucking gender!!

Goddamn this whole thing has me angry.  I like the cause, but a FEW of the people that liking the cause makes me "allies" with get me to the point where I feel murderous. Is it so FUCKING hard to just attack the woman's points and not her gender? Is that really such a big thing to ask?

Yes, she's an asshole who said asshole things. But it has nothing to do with the fact that she's a woman. If she's calling us gamers sexist, and we then say sexist things about her, what we're doing is not only wrong, but making us LOOK wrong as well as BE wrong. For FUCK'S SAKE you'd think that it was some kind of "mystery" on how to show proper respect to someone of a different gender.

It's not that FUCKING difficult. Now those few people this morning made us all look like assholes because they just couldn't do it. They just couldn't go a full day or two without calling the woman a cunt. Nope, they just had to go and do that. And now that's spreading around twitter like wildfire and everyone blames the gamers and #Gamer Gate even though it was just those few people.

Logging off the PC for a bit. Enraged because it's not true what they say about Gamer Gate and all because a few extremist gamers say these kinds of things we all get blamed.
It is SO HARD to make a point when you've got idiots like this in your cause: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/B0ow2zRIMAAD2Rc.png

I got to know a lot of the people who support Gamer Gate. NONE of them talk like this or support that. It's really ironic and stupid at the same time what that person is saying. and it's frustrating me and stressing me out.
This comment may be offensive.
It's just that I honestly feel like ... okay, I get why so many of us gamers are outraged at Anita. And yeah, I'm on there on Twitter fighting back with them. But even though we have good reason to be upset with her, am I wrong for thinking that doesn't excuse calling her a "whore?" Telling her to "suck my dick?"

It's  just that those kinds of things are what started this in the first place. She's accusing everyone in the gaming community of being sexist while she herself slut-shamed on Bayonetta.

I *GET* their anger. But I JUST don't see how that gives any of  us the right to start the whole "You dumb whore" thing. I don't believe that's what Gamer Gate is about. And most Gamer Gaters don't support that. But the ones who do seem to think that what Anita has done gives THEM the right to say whatever they want back.

I just don't feel comfortable with that. I don't think it's okay to say those things when they're gender-specific and have nothing to do with the reasons we're even upset at her in the first place.

I'm upset at Anita because of what she said about gamers, about Bayonetta, and how she labeled us as monsters.

The fact that Anita is a woman should not factor into that. AM I wrong here? Does her actions give us the right to just start that whole crazy "You dumb slut whore bitch!" thing? I truly don't think so.
This comment may be offensive.
Some of these tweets piss me off and they're morons for writing them. One person wrote this:

"@femfreq suck my dick you fucking whore"

^^ This is the wrong message. This is why people call all of us in Gamer Gate misogynists despite half being female. I don't like Anita at ALL. What she's doing is wrong and disgusting. But I *HATE IT* when gamers write shit like this to her.
Foxbane posted a message to Parogar
honestly why do these ppl give you hell it's your book not there's it's stupid to harass you for something in your book and to the person who reported you if it were me I'd purposely make them wait or block them from reading but that's me.
You guys aren't going to believe this. Just when I thought I had seen the stupidest Wattpad could ever offer, once more I'm shown that I'll always see worse.

I just found out that someome reported me for not updating fast enough. Wow. Like, do they think that's going to work??