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Foxbane posted a message to Parogar
honestly why do these ppl give you hell it's your book not there's it's stupid to harass you for something in your book and to the person who reported you if it were me I'd purposely make them wait or block them from reading but that's me.
You guys aren't going to believe this. Just when I thought I had seen the stupidest Wattpad could ever offer, once more I'm shown that I'll always see worse.

I just found out that someome reported me for not updating fast enough. Wow. Like, do they think that's going to work??
This comment may be offensive.
I am so tired of asking a feminist to prove their claims, and they link me anthropology shit. I'm just going to set the record straight here. Just because something as an "ology" in it does NOT make it a science. The only way to counter science is with science.

So when I link a peer-reviewed research paper, and someone says, "Well, anthropology blah blah."

Anthropology is NOT a science. That's not even an a question of debate anymore, as in 2010, the American Anthropology Association finally removed all traces of the word "Science.""

All "science" has been removed from anthropology: http://www.nytimes.com/2010/12/10/science/10anthropology.html

This was by their own doing. I need to make that absolutely clear. This isn't me insulting anthropology as it does have its uses, but the fact that it's not a science was by their OWN doing. They made it clear they're not a science. That was their choice. Then again, they never were as they don't abide by the scientific method, but it was their choice to classify  themselves as such.

Having said that, I'm fed up with people using anthropology to debate science. You're comparing something that's been tested and proven with something that's more closely akin to philosophy: a social science if you will.

Anthropology lacks experimentation. Because of this, there is no real way of using it to make any scientific claims about ANYTHING. 

So when people say that gender has no basis in biology and is only nurture (not nature), what they're really saying is, "We're making a scientific claim that evolutionary psychologists and geneticists don't agree with yet we have no scientific evidence to back up that claim because we're not a science."
Pinkeygirly posted a message to Parogar
For every minute a feminist spends typing their reply , there is a minute wasted that could have been spent helping the marginalized and poor people who are oppressed financially . These people are everywhere and may live a block away from them.

In all truth the only people deserving of the title SJW is Ghandi, Mother Teressa, Nelson Mandela, and Martin Luther King Jr. (More people are deserving as we'll I just have to think of them). These people literally gave their LIVES for the rest of the world to improve and became a tiny bit more equal and better to live in. 

These people would talk to the lowest, most look down upon members of society, and would care for them.

Let's see a feminazi or SJW go give a cloth bath to a homeless person who has a fever and hasn't washed for weeks.

The majority of the people they try to defend don't even have internet either. I'm pretty sure a woman sex slave can't whip out her smartphone and say ,"hey guess what evil whit male oppressor  this girl on tumbler says your wrong," 

I'm really pissed that there are people who believe that by blogging something they will change the world. 

That's never going to happen. The only think that changes the world are people like my true SJW , who act and give up everything that they have so others can have freedom.
suchapotterhead posted a message to Parogar
Just went and finally it around to watching one of the femfreq videos. The conclusions she jumps to are completely ridiculous and frankly just plain stupid. I actually have no problem with this as long as she doesn't actually make an impact. The great thing about greed for game makers is that they'll listen to what their audience wants to see, not some activist with a small following. I'm all for equal rights but with the feminist model the two genders will never be equal; it will always be skewed one way until it tips the other way.