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Description: Imagine for a moment that you were different from other people. Imagine if you had powers most people could only dream of. What would you use them for? For Ethan, the answer is simple: money. Money, money, money. Unfortunately, his love of green wi...

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HGH2: Hate Never Dies

HGH2: Hate Never Dies

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Like it? Love it!

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Psych Investigation Episodes Trilogy II (Books 4, 5, 6)

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Haters Gonna Hate

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wisecookie3 posted a message to Parogar
You like RPG's right? I don't know if you've heard about it but there's this one website called "Runescape" I used to play it a whole lot, but don't anymore since my enternet has become crap. Just thought I would suggest it to you.

Warning: There are a lot of 13 year olds posing as adults on there though, kind of annoying but can be delt with easily (ignore button).
This comment may be offensive.

I wasn't even trying to troll lol. I just wanted people to see how much more easily they'll believe anything negative about WP no matter what it is.

People have a tendency to dislike anything they currently love. That sounds weird, but it's true.

Every MMO I have ever played (WOW, EQ2, etc.) The players IN the game while PLAYING the game will ONLY say negative things about the game that they're playing.

No one in WOW will ever be like, "God this game is so great. I love this game. It's my favorite game."

More like. "FUCKING warlocks, yo! So tired of blizzard's shit. So close to quitting."
PhyschoBob posted a message to Parogar
Hey, just wanna know if Ethan and Eddy are going to be the only 2 recruited in Foxes. Or are there going to be more?