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My God

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Psych Investigation Episodes (Books 1, 2 & 3)

Psych Investigation Episodes (Books 1, 2 & 3)

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An Urban Fantasy about people with extraordinary abilities. While some see them as opportunities to bett...

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Psych Investigation Episodes (Books 3, 4, & 5)

Psych Investigation Episodes (Books 3, 4, & 5)

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Questing Sucks! (book 1 completed, book 2 in progress)

Questing Sucks! (book 1 completed, book 2 in progress)

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*Warning, possibly offensive content* Sehn is an Elf, but he isn't like the others: he's rude, vicious...

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OpgamingMC posted a message

@Parogar Make a separate project/ story for your pie drafts so you can get pur opinion

OpgamingMC posted a message

@Parogar It's power level is over 9000!!!!

Parogar posted a message

In this chapter, just a warning,  Jack develops and uses a new devastating weapon. Three years of writing this story will come full circle because he's going to unleash the single most powerful weapon. I'm worried it might be TOO powerful. That's why I'm trying to be careful here. 

It's even capable of knocking anyone out with one hit.

Parogar posted a message

Shit, no one's going to like this :/


No. I'm keeping it. If I do it over again, it's never getting updated.

Parogar posted a message

It's just that these ideas I have. They're not conventional. I don't write my stories in the way that people are accustomed to reading them. And while this can be a good thing, it can be a very bad thing.

SO I get so nervous these days, because lately I've been writing these very ... different chapters, and I don't know if it's going to work out well in the end, and it cripples me lol

Risky. That's the stuff I write. Always risky. okay, getting back to it before I get too tired to proofread because I won't update without it lol

Parogar posted a message

Did the message I just posted not post? Cause I don't see it!

OpgamingMC posted a message

@Parogar I am tempted by your ass *pedo look*

PhyschoBob posted a message

I had a bad dream Kevin, that you never updated QS! ever again. And it weighed quite heavily on my soul as well as the entire world's (ok, I'm being dramatic) And then I woke up from this bad dream into a wrold where P.I.E. did not get updated - like ever -, and this was a punch right to the balls of my feels and psyche (More dramatic,  even more) And then...the worst thing happened. HGH did not exist anymore. Nor did Spell Book. The skies turned black. There was lightning and people were survived by reading Twilight books and playing Xbox One. Then the world imploded as vortex formed in the center of the earth due to the the worldwide depression and sucked the Richard *if you know what I mean* out of all life. Of course i was still it the folds of a restless slumber. But then I woke up :| and 2 of my worst fears came through.  The people who hated on QS!... I don't know who they are, but I will find them. Yes. They ruin everything. EVERTHINGS!!!

Ok, maybe I made all that shit up, but whatever!  You get what I mean! >:| Feed us P.I.E. Urgh! That is all I'm saying. You're probably working on P.I.E. right now, so... Yea ._. Farewell and whatever.

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In theory, Censored by Nick Uskoski on 9/22/14