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Haters Gonna Hate

Haters Gonna Hate

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Warning: Offensive

Hot, Dirty, and Forbidden Stories (18+ ONLY!! Rated R)

Hot, Dirty, and Forbidden Stories (18+ ONLY!! Rated R)

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Hot, Dirty, and Forbidden Stories (18+ ONLY!!) Warning: The following short stories are of a highly erot...

Psych Investigation Episodes: Foxes I

Psych Investigation Episodes: Foxes I

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Imagine for a moment that you were different from other people. Imagine if you had powers most people co...

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Like it? Love it!

Like it? Love it!

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Some stuff kicks ass. *WARNING: OFFENSIVE CONTENT* (Current cover by @GamingProluvsdogs)

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silentangel56 posted a message to Parogar
Hi Parogar. I really need to know. How are you able to write such good fight scenes in P.I.E? And how are you able to write the training scenes? By that I mean all the things the instructors say that sound all trainer-like and stuff. I can't stop reading P.I.E. It's the best thing I have ever read. Your scenes are very good and I want to be able to write fight scenes and training scenes at that level. DO you have any tips?
AloeVeraKill posted a message to Parogar
So, I've always wondered how stupid you (as in people) could be. Just got my answer! I was on iFunny, and this guy replied to my comment and told me I can't be both Arab and Muslim cuz "I studied up on Muslims religion and when fully devoted they kill Christians and white ppl."
I feel your pain! Now I am eagerly (sarcastic much?) awaiting response(s), and probably a few on how he is entitled to his own *shudders* opinions.
an avid reader of HGH
NickyKemp posted a message to Parogar
OMG Parogar, you really need to update! I'm stuck in Turkey with torrential rain and thunderstorms and bored out of my head! Your book is one of the best I've ever read! Thoroughly entertaining, origional and never ever boring! You really need this on the big screen! It would make millions, far better than Harry Potter by a landslide! Please update soon! X