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readingchocolate posted a message to Parogar
You're not being unreasonable, all these glitches happen but I just don't like how they dismiss it
All of the update notifications didn't even go out, weird read glitches keep happening and for me, my PMs are in frickin Espane├Ál

They're support system just ticks me off, I contacted wattpad about something really really important and that was a month ago and they still haven't responded and I doubt they've read it and it's really important! And I hate it 
Gotta get off the computer. Just ... I'm going to lose it. Wattpad really dealt a low blow to me today. And yeah, I've said that before, but you know what? All those other times were BS. Most of the time I bitch about Wattpad (as in all the time, really) it's just me being frustrated and Wattpad doesn't deserve to have its flawless reputation stained.

BUT THIS TIME is different. Quite literally, they snubbed me today. This is probably the first time I've ever been on this website that they have outright dismissed a grave concern of mine and said, "Sorry, we can't help you because it's not technical."

It IS technical. It IS. 

The worst part was that WP HQ didn't even read my problem

How do I know?

Because when I mentioned all these issues with my stories and a drop in reads, they responded that the issue with the followers being *DISPLAYED* on the website has been fixed.

In other words, about a week or so ago, it said I had 3.2k followers instead of 24k. but that's just a display glitch and had ***NOTHING*** to do with what I was talking about.

When I sent another message in explaining this, I got snubbed.

This time, I'm not being the overeating one. There's not even anything to react to, because Wattpad doesn't care what's happened to my account on here.
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The funny thing is that Wattpad really don't give a shit about the people on there. They're all for themselves and getting pointless celebrities on here when they could actually be appealing to the writers and readers. I think the last straw would have been the profiles. The old one was so compact and actually looked nice but apparently, they're more interested in screwing up the whole website and ignoring the actual bugs and issues that need to be addressed! 

Wattpad support don't give a damn. Quite frankly, they're no help whatsoever. And it sickens me that they don't even value the members who have been here for years and instead give them a friendly fuck off when the person has a real problem. Did anyone complain about the profiles? Most likely not. But here they are, forcing people into having them.

Well done, Wattpad, well done.

To be honest, I'm not even upset at Wattpad if Wattpad is having problems. How could I be? They're making a change and that brings problems. It's part of life.

What I'm upset about is that they won't tell me if the sudden, just ... OVERWHELMING drop in reads across all my stuff lately is because of website technicalities, or because maybe my writing is just shitty now.

I don't know if something is going on over there that would cause it.

All I ever wanted when I started contacting them today was to hopefully hear that this is just caused by issues and that it's not something on my end, or at the very least, it's highly likely that this sudden drop in reads is caused by various issues.

What I did NOT expect was for them to basically say, "GET LOST, CHUMP."
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All I really wanted was for Wattpad to say something like, "Don't worry. Chances are it's on our end, not yours."

That would've been all it took to assuage my fears . It's most likely the case. Why would half my readingbase just vanish over the last few updates?

But not. They won't even answer that question. They tell me more or less that it's not technical and it doesn't even matter.

Why should I stay on this website? I mean that. You guys say it's because you like to read my writing. Many of you CAN'T. 

It's not like I'm disappointed in them because of a policy change or because of the usual stuff. The fucking thing isn't working for me. Other people? Yes. ME? No. It's BROKEN, and no one will acknowledge that.

And now I'm being told my problem doesn't even count! That it's not something support can help with.

Months upon months UPON MONTHS of problems that apparently don't exist yet are driving my readers away and having them tell me they can't read my books.

What do I do? I don't even have a way of informing them anymore, because today they officially sent me away and did the polite version of telling someone to fuck off.

This comment may be offensive.
Guys, I'm not even being unreasonable here. I had a chance to sit and think, and I realized that, what I'm trying to contact them about isn't even unreasonable.

Is it so much to ask that readers on their reading website don't have to reinstall the APP 3 times just to finish my book? Is it so much to ask why, seemingly over the past week, half my readers have simply vanished?

Now that I think about it, this occurred right around the time when I got about 50 comments from people saying all my stuff was blank. That could be what drove them away.

I'm not making demands of Wattpad. I'm not ASKING for anything new or for them to CHANGE anything.

I just want to know what's going on. I've spent GOD KNOWS HOW MANY hours on this website putting time into it, and they can't even tell me if my works suddenly turned to shit over the past week, or if maybe something with the website has caused readership to decline and it's not my fault.

3 years I've been on here every single day, and now I am being SNUBBED by Wattpad support.

I've grown to love Wattpad over my 3 years here. And in just this one response, amazingly, I think all the trust in them they put in me has just been ripped out and torn apart.

I don't know what to do anymore. This isn't a case of me getting overly emotional and leaving in a flounce.

This is seriously a case of a writer whose being made to look bad because his books don't work and his readers are abandoning him as a result of it, and all I wanted was a just to know what's going on. 

Instead, they don't even read what I wrote and give me an answer that has NOTHING to do with what I asked, and then, afterwards, they tell me to shove off with this:

"Hi there,

We provide technical support through this channel. Sorry we cannot help you with further inquires regarding other issues at the moment.

Sorry for the inconvenience!"

^^ Yeah, oh, that's all this is. An inconvenience.  It's not like I've now reached the point where a very real portion of my life has been dedicated into this!!!!
Albeano posted a message to Parogar
@Parogar It's obvious that there is a couple of balgonians in wattpad hq. How else could there be this many problems! And also don't quit, writing as good as yours is pretty darned hard to come across nowadays :)
Amir_Agha posted a message to Parogar
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@Parogar Or or or
You could say the same to them and keep on writing. Because if you leave, that's like half the shit I read, and most people here read, gone.