Hey Guys! This my Channel of Books hahaha! Im trying to keep myself anonymous for a more dramatic affect! But I have two books right now. One is a Justin Bieber FanFic called " Unlucky" and another is a great about college roommates "Hopeless Romantic". Please help and support my books. I promise I will try and update every week and maybe to 3 times a week. Im not gonna give up on these books and leave you hanging, I PROMISE! Because I don't like it when other authors do it so yeah! Please read, comment and vote for my books :) And if you have any suggestions, inbox me! PLEASE FOLLOW BABES!
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Hopeless Romantic

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Description: Kay Jordan 18 years old. Innocent, sweet, shy and beautiful. Is a Sophomore in college. She skipped a grade in high school because she's intelligent. She studies Psychology. From Florida. Switched from FIU in Miami to UCLA in Cali. Her parents have...

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Jessica Lorty. She's 18 years old and lives in LA. She stands 5'4" with curly, black hair that lengths...