Hey babes! On my account, I will be staying anonymous, just for the dramatic affect lol! Lovely to meet yall! Thanks for y'all support on my stories! If you didn't know about them yet, well lemme introduce you to them:

A girl named Jessica Lorty whose mother died when she was 12 years old. Left with her alcoholic, abusive father. She gets sold as a sex slave to a celebrity by her father; her dad getting payed big bucks for it. If only she knew she got sold to Justin Bieber...
*Yes, its a Justin Bieber FanFic for all y'all Beliebers! Im not a Justin Bieber fan, so if I mess up on some JB statistics, feel free to correct me! Its not that I don't like him, Its just I don't really pay attention to him.*

Hopless Romantic
This one is about a girl whose parents who were murdered in a burglary ten years ago. She moved out to California for her college year for a fresh start on a scholarship. Little does she know, she is gonna a really troublesome roommate.  A boy... Jake Gold.
*Max Irons FanFic guys! He is one of my favorite actors :) I love this story and hopefully you guys do, too! I have so may great ideas to show.*

I'll try to update as much as I can on these stories! Twice a week or so. If I haven't updated in while, don't think I forgot! Cause trust me, I haven't.  Im just a busy bee! Don't give up on me :)

Make sure to Follow, Vote, Read and Comment! I would really liked to hear y'all opinions, suggestions and feedback!
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Description: Jessica Lorty. She's 18 years old and lives in LA. She stands 5'4" with curly, black hair that lengths all the way down to her butt. She has Mocha BrownSkin and Green Hazel Eyes with an hourglass figure and luscious, pink lips that compliments her...

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