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Some fun facts *-*
~you can call me Pandora :D
~my favorite colors are purple and black CX
~i am bisexual :/ (I'm fourteen so i keep it on the down low)
~I'm EXTREMELY perverted XD i mean, i can make sexual things happen out of anything you give me :P trust meh
~I'm Italian and black :3
~i can speak three different languages :) English, Italian, and Japanese....I just like there culture so i learning XD 
~OH!! and i have a boyfriend :X but i can still love!! :D 

-These are some previews of stories ^^
1st book: Selling Innocence: What if you woke up in a strange place and didnt know where you were or what happened to you? what if you only heard random numbers being spoken and random voices being heard? what if the next day, you were given to someone as a present? Jenny's life is all fuzzy to her. she was stolen from her family at 6 and sold to a man that gives her to his nephew. on the first day they meet, the boy says she will have her virginity, whether she wants it, or not. 

2nd book: when in Rome- this story is about a girl named Tiffany that lives in Rome. Rome had never decreased in its war value, so its city grew and took over most of the planet. Tiffany isnt a princess or anything special, she's just a pretty girl with a rich father and mother. most of the town only wants her for the money and not her. then she figures out its easy to be on the "man" side of Rome. to fight for food and kill off your enemies. but just how far can being a man get you when your a woman?

3rd book: Dark Matters-So many years in the future and chaos seems to love to creep its way in. follow a girl only knowing herself as the "prisoner" in a wild action filled escape to a sanctuary not even she knows. she must kill, murder, and find a path of happiness through the hell whole the earth has become. but a terrorist cant possibly do all this by herself. well, she'll prove you wrong


Dark Matter

Dark Matter

2 parts / 4 pages, updated Mar 05, 2013PG
So many years in the future and chaos seems to love to creep its way in. follow a girl only knowing herself as the "prisoner" in a wild action filled escape to a san... read more
103 reads votes 3 comments 0
Devine Diety

Devine Diety

6 parts / 15 pages, updated Jun 12, 2012PG-13
After all the wars and violence and fighting, it seems as though everyone has tired themselves out! Thousands of years into the future and now everything is all party party pa... read more
369 reads votes 21 comments 14

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