good girl who wanna do bad things.

Hello there, I'm Kiara (but you guys can call me Key), I'm 17 years young and I'm currently in love with bbq sunflower seeds. 

•Been One Direction af for 3 years
•Harry Styles af. 
•Kpop has consumed my life. 
•I'm friendly so don't be shy (unless you're actually a shy person, so I totally understand)
•We're friends now, so what's good?
•Currently struggling with my last year of high school, fucking save me. 
•Apple pie is my weakness
•Along with every other food 
•Don't be fooled, I'm actually really mature (sometimes)
•Very sarcastic 
•Sexually frustrated all the time
•I love you lots

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    in your bed making sweet love.
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Bradford's Mate || zayn malik ||

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Description: "I'm the only one that can make you feel this way, I'm the only one that can touch your body. You're all mine Rouge, only mine, remember that." Rouge Walker is whisked away from her pack, and her first true love, into the arms of her seductive mate...

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/ˈdadē/ a girls boyfriend/husband who takes care of her and or looks out for her Sexual attraction is a...

♥Give Me Love♥ •Harry Styles FanFic•

♥Give Me Love♥ •Harry Styles FanFic•

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Copyright © 2012 Kiara Grey Falling in love with your best friend is never easy. Falling in love with y...

My Chemical Romance ~JB FANFIC~ [i wrote this soooooooo long ago]

My Chemical Romance ~JB FANFIC~ [i wrote this soooooooo long ago]

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Secrets. Lust. Passion. Threats. Four things that Raven have found herself covered in. After she walks i...

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This is what happens when I'm sexually frustrated at 2am. Enjoy. (More to come. I tend to add when the s...


That's what I'm saying. I'm kind of pissed that all we got was a half as paragraph that just said "zayn stated". Like, no. I want zayn himself to make some tweets about what's going on, cause all of us our in the dark. Plus I'm so sad on top of that, I never thought this would happen. I feel so blind sided.

My dad told me on the way home "Harry's your favorite, why are you crying of this dude then?" Like booooooy, idgaf if Peter Pan was in one direction and he was my favorite. I love all those boys dearly, with everything inside of me. So if one leaves, it's devastating--no matter if they're my favorite or not. :( this has just been a 200% crappy day. I can't even listen to their songs right now, cause when I hear Zayn's voice, I get this churning feeling in the pit of my stomach. Because it's like, we'll never be able to hear it live again.
:(((( I'm so sad, seriously. Zayn left one direction and it was such a shock to me that I still can't believe it's true. I just--I had no idea he was so unhappy with everything. Im going to miss him, so much.