"We aim to please." That's right bitches, I read 50 shades of Grey.

Hello there sexual.

I be's Kiara, 16 years young, and I dry humped a cut out of 1D at FYE. I'm a sexual being as you can tell.

Tumblrs: http://banghimguk.tumblr.com/ (kpop)

Sex is kind of always on my mind.
One Direction are beautiful, perfect, finger licking, sexy human beings.
You're my friend now.
Now that we're friends, can I borrow some concert tickets?
Naked people are cool.
I like bands as well. 
Feed me and I'll love you forever.
You're all sexy and perfect, never think other wise.

@stratfordsveryown is my hoe, the awesomest twinster ever. YOU MAD YOU NOT AWESOME LIKE HER? Suck some nutella. :)

here's our big step Lilly. hahaha <3


Growl. That was me. Being a sexy beast.

Dylan O'Brien. Sex.

Hey, you! Yes you! No, not you, you! Can I tell you a secret? Really? I can? Ok. Guess what?


 Let's ride unicorns into the sunset. 

We should fuck sometime. ;)
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My Chemical Romance ~JB FANFIC~ [i wrote this soooooooo long ago]

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Description: Secrets. Lust. Passion. Threats. Four things that Raven have found herself covered in. After she walks in on Justin Bieber backstage doing something he shouldn't be doing, her life is hell. Justin holds her a captive on his tour bus and in stadiums...

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Bradford's Mate (Zayn Fan Fiction)

Bradford's Mate (Zayn Fan Fiction)

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"I'm the only one that can make you feel this way, I'm the only one that can touch your body. You're all...



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This is what happens when I'm sexually frustrated at 2am. Enjoy. (More to come. I tend to add when the s...

♥Give Me Love♥ •Harry Styles FanFic•

♥Give Me Love♥ •Harry Styles FanFic•

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Copyright © 2012 Kiara Grey Falling in love with your best friend is never easy. Falling in love with...

Hook. Line. Sinker. [Harry Styles]

Hook. Line. Sinker. [Harry Styles]

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“Those are the Styles triplets, or as I like to call them, the three c*ck sucking d*chebags. Both of y...

I will not be posting anything on here for a while, due to the fact that my boyfriend's body was found today. I need time to get my mind and emotions together. Please understand. 
shanti_forever posted a message to PacoTaco
I love your books u are an awesome writer my favorite is give me love it is a great book and never stop writing u r an amazing writer!! :) <3 

@vani99 sorry for replying late you guys! But if you remember in that chapter when Brett came back to life and he ranted for a full paragraph about how Zayn didn't deserve Rouge because he was just using her for her powers? Well this is the powers that Brett was talking about. There's also a prophecy about Zayn and Rouge but I'll put that in the next chapter. If you're still confused you can private message me! :)