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The Man Who Has Agoraphobia [FIN]

Social data: 2.1K reads. 71 votes. 4 comments.

Description: Synopsis: Agoraphobia is an uncommon fear where one is afraid to show himself to the public, which that everyone cannot encounter. But here is Shanelle Jordan Alcantara who met an agoraphobic man in her new neighborhood. She wanted to help this agor...


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Seoul Men's Academy [EXO fanfiction]

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No Other Man [64]

No Other Man [64]

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Sadist Meets Her Masochist [HIATUS: 10]

Sadist Meets Her Masochist [HIATUS: 10]

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A teacher love story about a sadist and a masochist.. ___________________________________ Property of i...

No sh*t guys, I do miss writing </3 
      Writing NEW (well actually, "stand-by") stories, to be certain. I'm just too lazy and needs more motivation. haha