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Seoul Men's Academy [EXO fanfiction]

Social data: 6.7K reads. 130 votes. 26 comments.

Description: Park Jiyeon studies at one of the prestigious all-girls’ schools in Korea—Seoul Women’s Academy. But a sudden fire puts the whole academy on fire. The school suggests that students should temporarily transfer to its twin academy – Seoul Men’s Academ...

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The Man Who Has Agoraphobia [FIN]

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No Other Man [64]

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Sadist Meets Her Masochist [HIATUS: 10]

Sadist Meets Her Masochist [HIATUS: 10]

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A teacher love story about a sadist and a masochist.. ___________________________________ Property of i...

No sh*t guys, I do miss writing </3 
      Writing NEW (well actually, "stand-by") stories, to be certain. I'm just too lazy and needs more motivation. haha