Despite my nonexistence on this account I can assure you that I am very much alive and have thought of actually updating my stories and answering any questions or messages that I have. 
I'm currently an upcoming Junior in College and am 20 years old, with pink hair which will pretty soon go back to its natural state of dark brown due to wanting to go to Medical School. I have a love for the dark as well as mythical creatures and spooky things. I'm obsessed with coffee, cats, coffins, and combat boots and am usually awake all day and much of the night. 
My morbid interest in death has transformed into a career in a sense, I'm studying to become a medical examiner and hopefully that works out. 
Much of my love for the gothic style has been underrepresented in my clothing choice nowadays due to my busy schedule. 
However that does not mean I wouldn't love to chat with baby bats as well as other members of the gothic community, feel free to message me.
Also feel free to leave me links to your stories, I would love to read them!
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Description: These are a collection of poems which I have created when I have been relatively bored.

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