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Dark and Dangerous LoveLacedFlawless // z.mA Little String of Hope // z.m

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I don't think you should do first person POV. First of all, you've already come so far using third person, and consistency is a really great...
Dark and Dangerous Love

Oooooooh I can tell this one is going to break my heart probably like wow I'm going to be so sad by the end of this if Nora actually dies but I...
A Little String of Hope // z.m

E-Book, USA.

Oooooooh really excited to hear the explanation to follow!!!!!!!!!!!!
Flawless // z.m

Well hey it wasn't rape, just #DubCon. Super great chapter though and there wasn't even that much loathing for Zayn DURING the sex to ruin the scene!!
Dark and Dangerous Love