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Hi!  I'm Amanda.  Welcome to the madness. 

I'm a twenty-something nurse from a very small town.

I'm quirky, a little strange, and flinchy. 

I talk in my head all the time.  It's terrible.

I love wattpad.  I'm going to have little wattpad babies one day.

I love to write!  After years of NOTHING, I've finally decided to pick the pen, er, keyboard, back up!  

I don't consider myself very talented, but I plan to be.  :)  

Every time you write, you learn to improve yourself and your stories.  That's why all writing should be encouraged, never discouraged.  Constructive criticism?  Sure, bring it.  Hate-filled reviews?  Hell nah.  But be honest and sincere.

I really love to hear your opinions.  Not a single friend of mine is aware that I write.  It's not that I'm ashamed, but that none of my friends enjoy reading as much as I do.  Sooo....  I appreciate the support, because this is the only place that my story finds it, lol!

I have a huge love for rock, punk, indie and ska music.  I love to read, but really only like happy endings.  I'm a die-hard romantic.  One of my biggest challenges when writing is to QUIT READING.  I log onto wattpad and completely forget to write - I just read away.  Lol.

Anywhoozles, I hope you like my stories.  :D

Have an awesome day/night, and happy reading to you.


With Eyes Like the Moon

With Eyes Like the Moon

2 parts / 14 pages, updated May 22, 2012Pictures
Although Sadie and Asher are from separate packs, they are allies. Sadie has been in love with Asher since she was a pup. Just when they think they can be together, a horrifying catalyst rips them apart. Read on. It's got werewolves. Promise.
2,889 reads votes 123 comments 58
Russian Roulette

Russian Roulette

1 page, updated Jan 13, 2011PG-13Completed
646 reads votes 31 comments 13
Mad Love

Mad Love

17 parts / 64 pages, updated Jan 07, 2011PG-13Pictures
For years, Maddy Strother and Jamie Thompson have had some sort of twisted relationship, first as teenage sweethearts, now as corporate coworkers. Now if they could just decide if they love or hate each other, work would be so much easier.
568,729 reads votes 6,998 comments 1,699
Blood Moon

Blood Moon

1 page, updated Nov 08, 2010PG-13
Zoey Tuesday is a woman hunted. And in the shadows, they have found her.
600 reads votes 10 comments 8

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@breathetolove Yeah, he marked her. :) Hope it was as sweet as I intended. And as for them staying together... I can't promise anything....
With Eyes Like the Moon

@sheri_1981 Thank you so much! :)
With Eyes Like the Moon

Fixed Affection

Yay! I'm really hoping she sees Mike there! I like Nat's introduction, too. She seems like she's going to add a lot of humor. Can't wait for...
Fixed Affection

I love it! Mike seems hot, and they have great chemistry. Their banter was hilarious - all the innuendos had me cracking up. The descriptions...
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