hey people! so my name is danielle, but I usually go by Zell. I love to read and write, so the two combined are like my whole life. :) but here's the thing. if you are going to criticize my work, just don't bother with me. I don't want to hear it, cause I don't think I'm horrible with spelling and grammar. Anywho, I live in wattpad, so I've got no life. I do take reading requests, so send me a book and I'll get to it soon! :) I love music and singing, and am entering my sophomore year of high school. I'm a potterhead, and love supernatural, charmed, once upon a time, Grimm, Buffy the vampire slayer, and anything paranormal. I have yet to get to doctor who, so please don't hate me! I love comics, and my dad and I run an online comic book store. I love drama and the arts, but I'm going into business. :) while my updating has gotten much better, I still have an updating issue. sometimes. people ask, are you single? it's complicated. there's this guy. he's an idiot. nothing new. whatever. I love food. food us perfect. my favorite author on wattpad is Janie1617. go read her book, 'whos afraid of the big bad wolf' ! it's amazing! if you've bothered to read this far, I thank you, and respect your determination to learn about me. <3  pm me so I can meet all of you amazing people! peace out!
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Description: Lexi Artem and Kyle Terwell met in the second and first grades. Kyle was a year older than her, but they were friends, nonetheless. both outcasts, they grew find of each other, bonding. finally, one year, Lexi moved away, devastating both of them. y...