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I'm 1/2 Japanese. I live in the US. I ♥ anime, animals, and books/manga.

I am Editor for @Reavean @OrenSkyson

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- House of Delinquents [SxT]= *FIN*
The Wolves Duo:
- Call of the Wolves *FIN*
- Song of the Wolves= PART 3 of 4 (a/n - SORRY it takes so long for me to write one chap....)

- My Poems

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-Nryssa7247 <3
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PS. Copyright means that I own all my works. Google it.


Song of the Wolves (The Wolves- Book 2)

Song of the Wolves (The Wolves- Book 2)

21 parts / 27 pages, updated Jan 11, 2014
Ana and Aiden are back, with an additional person to their family. With a few problems... "The ghosts of our past have come back.&quo... read more
605 reads votes 4 comments 1
My Poems

My Poems

14 parts / 2 pages, updated Nov 03, 2013G
This is MY poems book. They are pretty much what I write when I'm bored. Like- VERY BORED. © 2014 All Rights Reserved.
309 reads votes 15 comments 12
House of Delinquents [Student x Teacher] (Short Story) *FINISHED*

House of Delinquents [Student x Teacher] (Short Story) *FINISHED*

17 parts / 13 pages, updated Jul 29, 2013PG-13
There is a school, in the middle of no where, called The Sanctuary. A school for delinquents. Reyanna Camp's life has been a lit... read more
16,792 reads votes 409 comments 14
Call of the Wolves (The Wolves- Book 1) *FINISHED*

Call of the Wolves (The Wolves- Book 1) *FINISHED*

33 parts / 39 pages, updated Jun 07, 2013PG-13Completed
Wolves, Elves, Dragons, and Magic, this story is a fairytale with a twist. ~ PART1= My name is Anabelle. At least I think. I've been living a... read more
11,344 reads votes 240 comments 42
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I am actually debating whether or not to do a sequel... Thank you so much for reading! She is actually still human because if she were injected...
House of Delinquents [Stude...

Thank you for reading!
House of Delinquents [Stude...

Thanks so much for reading! I'm glad you liked it :)
Call of the Wolves (The Wol...

Call of the Wolves (The Wol...

But she's human so shes scared of them. And all the people around her don't care for wolves either. :) Wait and see what happens
Call of the Wolves (The Wol...