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Hey, I'm so glad that you decided to come and read this!!! You are awesome if you did!! And if you have been with me from the very beginning then you will notice that I have taken my last ABOUT ME down :( But I did it for a reason.... 

I want my page to have more... information... I think! Aha! 

I just realized that my last ABOUT ME had a lot of things that I made a while ago and now that I look back at it I realized that I didn't want ALL of that stuff... 

My MAIN Active Stories:
- The Silent Alpha

I am sorry that I'm not working on EVERY one of my stories at the moment, but I just want to focus on ONE at a time! And The Silent Alpha is the one that is my main focus right now. This is because I have a big plan for this one, I think that it is the one... You know? 

So, I really hope that you decide to go ahead and check it out! I'll be keeping up all of my other stories as well, hoping that you can still enjoy them!! Aha! :) And don't be scared to Inbox me :) I don't eat people that talk to me... unless you make me mad ;)

And go stop by and say hey to my Samoan sista! @Carmerlia17

Have a blessed day and happy reading!!! 

(Psst, you see that FAN button up there? I'd tap dat ;) )


The Silent Alpha

The Silent Alpha

17 parts / 56 pages, updated Jul 28, 2014PG-13VideoPictures
Victoria has always had a hard time in life. She has no friends and barely has a family, but one day she finds her mate who is the Alpha Werewolf. She learns about her fa... read more
17,729 reads votes 530 comments 79
The Last Wolf Standing (On Hold)

The Last Wolf Standing (On Hold)

18 parts / 36 pages, updated Feb 02, 2014PG-13Video
( Tralier inside --->>>>) Samantha is the only alpha female werewolf, not a Luna, to run a pack on her own without a mate who can take the tit... read more
14,610 reads votes 490 comments 119
Peacemaker: A Hybrid Story [On Hold]

Peacemaker: A Hybrid Story [On Hold]

3 parts / 5 pages, updated Feb 02, 2014PG-13
Maxi is a half vampire, half werewolf girl who wants nothing but to live a normal life and be a normal person, but what will happen to her when she gets ... read more
1,069 reads votes 24 comments 11
The Girl With The Leather Jacket (On Hold)

The Girl With The Leather Jacket (On Hold)

4 parts / 6 pages, updated Feb 02, 2014PG-13VideoPictures
Faye isn't your average high school chick. She doesn't wear mini skirts and half cut t-shirts that show off your goods to the world. Instead, she ... read more
2,479 reads votes 71 comments 25
Payback Hurts (Book 1) (Completed)

Payback Hurts (Book 1) (Completed)

25 parts / 50 pages, updated Jan 02, 2013PG-13VideoCompleted
( Trailer inside!! -->>>) Cassie has always been a big girl all her life and she has always hate herself for that. On Cassie's sixteenth birthday ... read more
103,175 reads votes 1,701 comments 299
WHAT THE SPELL-- Contest: Death of the Soul

WHAT THE SPELL-- Contest: Death of the Soul

1 page, updated Nov 17, 2012Completed
This is my spell for the What the Spell Contest!! 2nd place winner!! <3 This spell has many meanings, it is used by a witch who wants to punis... read more
549 reads votes 76 comments 82
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So... You write a great chapter like this and decide to stop huh? Well, I got one thing for you missy.... AWESOME!

Me: must you end it there?!? You: I must! *dodges a tomato* Me:Why?!?
The Bite of an Alpha

That was fast! Lol one minute she's dazed and the next she's dazed and kissing him! Lolol
Being An Abused Mate.

Maybe add a hint of sarcasm.
Being An Abused Mate.

True... But it still has to have a small level of reality or it won't make sense.
Being An Abused Mate.

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