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Noveber 10, 2012

Let me explain the chapters. Some people are upset that it is "taking so long" for the protagonists in A Scientific Rejection to meet. However, we are not on Chapter twenty. We are only on Chapter Eight. Each of the lettered sub-chapters is a miniature portion of an overall numbered chapter that I did not have time to write all at once. The characters are meeting at the end of chapter eight, so have a little patience, please. The more I try to rush the story, the lower the quality will become. I hope you continue to enjoy the book and, as always, Happy Reading!

I generally plan my updates around my time off, which is on weekends. My goal is to update at least twice per month. However, as you have already seen, I often update sooner than expected. I love seeing the read count go up, but even more, I love interacting with fans and knowing that they appreciate all of my hard work. You don't have to love every chapter. Please tell me when I miss the mark (politely), so that I may improve.
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CrazyRedRead posted a message to Noelle34
Hello Noelle34, I have been a faithful follower of "A Scientific Rejection" since I first found Wattpad. I will admit that I do not comment as much as I should. I have kept the story in my library and have reread it often. I am constantly hoping to find an update.  However, I understand that life has a tendency to take time away from your writing... I also hope that you understand that you have loyal readers and fans out there that miss your stories. I am currently crossing my fingers, in the hopes that you intend to finish the story. If I am to be entirely honest- I feel you could write a series of books based around this world of " Origins and Alpha Rex's". Just as J.R. Ward, Shelly Laurenston, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Christine Feehan, C.L. Wilson, Lora Leigh, and Gena Showalter,;have done with the amazing worlds of fantasy, science fiction and love that they have created. Not only do I feel that you would be successful in the endeavor, I feel you would be wildly so. I also would spend money to buy your books. I truly hope you will continue this story. If you don't intend to finish it on this site...please inform us of where you plan to publish it...and I will be one of the first in line to read and or purchase it.
      I hope that everything in your life is going well. And I hope to see info on or an update of "A Scientific Rejection". Thanks.:-)