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What you may call me - NoelSherlock, Noel

It's been a while since I've been here (it is June 14th, 2014 as I type this. 6:14 pm to be exact).
I've been working through a new story for a while that I will be posting soon. Not sure what the title will yet be, but that doesn't matter as much as the story itself. 

My writing routine - I have to have my eyes closed and/or looking away from the keyboard when I type, otherwise I pay too much attention to what I am writing and then I hate myself. I always have a glass of water or tea when I write as well I prefer typing, but I can just as easily write in a notebook. Sometimes I will listen to music while writing, but it must be instrumental. I cannot write and listen to lyrics at the same time.

My interests and hobbies - Tumblr, British television, award shows, haute couture, nerdfighting, football-as-in-American-soccer-but-what-the-rest-of-the-world-calls-football, theatre, film, linguistics

Ciao, darlings.
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Two Sisters: Book Two

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Description: A new incarnation of Kat and Anya-an adaptation of the tale of Kate Crackernuts. Starring the jealous Queen Dayna, the wonderfully incompentant and introducing handsome King Rolf, and reprising Kat and Anya as Princess Katarina and Princess Anya. Al...

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