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The songs of the night
And the memories of light
That made a lot of things right...

 @onemillionmuses < friend of mine... check her out, her stuff is WAY better than mine. Way better as in.... a night and day difference. Guess that's what practice does XD (other accounts: @box_chevy @caterpillar_smoke c:)

I'll talk to anyone.... whoever needs it c;
 @XxDontGiveUpxX is my Wattpad bff XD She's cool c:
 @strawberrygummibear < OTHER Wattpad friend. Treat her nicely.... or else....
 @Jefdav95 < He's really cool c: CHECK HIM OUT!
 @AvisInkling < Definitely the best elf around... I mean... you have to be awesome if you live in Lothlorien, right? c;
 @myzbrokensoldier < Follow her! She's great to talk to c:
 @ImMarriedToBatMan < Janellllllllle..... she thinks I'm a buttface..... XD
 @iinfiiniite < Mirandaaa.... she's super nice and DEFINITELY interesting c;
 @-veritas- < EMILY! She's pretty awesome. Follow her. c;
 @BeautifulyStrong < Alisha! She likes unicorns....and water polo..... she's living on the edge XD
 @bellathebeast < She's got some good stuff up and she's really nice, you should all follow her c;
 @brokenpencil21 <Kat, you should have been on here about 8 months ago or so... so late... BUT YOU'RE ON HERE NOW! :D (she make amazing covers and writes AMAZING stuff, check her out!)
 @hogwarts- < Heather. She tries to feed me used chocolate -.-. She's awesome though. c:
 @downfallss < Rosie. She's something else entirely. Ghost buddies. XD haha
 @HappinessXpires- < Kassity. I don't even really talk to you... haha... XD

~Christian before anything else~




26 parts / 2 pages, updated Jul 20, 2014
"It's a story I hope to finish one day." "What kind of story?" "A love story."
1,389 reads votes 247 comments 93
Poetry for the Sleepless

Poetry for the Sleepless

21 parts / 3 pages, updated Jul 07, 2014
Just an insomniac's thoughts...
2,790 reads votes 366 comments 203
A Bit Late

A Bit Late

1 page, updated Apr 27, 2014
A bit late is better than not at all.
73 reads votes 12 comments 7


26 parts / 2 pages, updated Apr 04, 2014Completed
Monsters you can hide from... unless they're in your head.
2,266 reads votes 281 comments 82
Little Bird

Little Bird

1 page, updated Mar 04, 2014Pictures
Just a response...
495 reads votes 26 comments 27
Current, Carry Me Away

Current, Carry Me Away

1 page, updated Feb 18, 2014
I'll ride the current and go wherever the flow takes me...
205 reads votes 20 comments 12


1 page, updated Feb 13, 2014
120 reads votes 16 comments 17
Four Fingers And A Thumb

Four Fingers And A Thumb

1 page, updated Feb 06, 2014
172 reads votes 24 comments 29
Timelost Tales

Timelost Tales

2 parts / 2 pages, updated Feb 04, 2014
As I kid, I always liked the old fairy tales. No, not the modern remakes, the original ones. As I got older, I never really stopped liking them. They take you somewhere be... read more
134 reads votes 10 comments 6


1 page, updated Feb 04, 2014
83 reads votes 15 comments 7

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