Born in November 1997, Sabrina J. (NocteLamia101) is a French-Canadian teenager that enjoys watching movies, spending time with friends and writing in her free time. She is the Wattpad author that has captivated thousands with her ongoing book series A Mermaid Tale. Although currently in editing, the story follows a young woman named Tarabelle Johansson that makes a suicidal jump off a bridge to end her miserable life. However, Tara does not die; instead she is turned into the most unlikely creature possible, a mermaid. The young woman now has a new life as an underwater creature and with it comes new responsibilities, new problems, drama and of course forbidden love. The mermaid trilogy will begin to see its end starting in September 2014 when Sabrina will begin posting chapters of the final book, A Mermaid Tale- At Ocean’s End. Her other works include The Reality Project, The Way To Neverland, The Real Princess Stories and Walkers Book 1- Changing, a vampire saga which she hopes will be just as successful as her mermaid books. She also dabbles in poetry and has three poems posted on this website; Bullying, Unwanted Emotions and The Butterfly Project.

This French-Canadian teenager hopes to one day become a successful writer and see one of her books come to life on the big screen. She has no favorite movie but her favorite book is The Fault In Our Stars by John Green.

NocteLamia101 makes covers and gives very sincere (but harsh) critics when asked to read a Wattpad story. She believes that criticism can help improve writers and she is always willing to give her honest opinion.

"It's easier to be a critic than a writer. Anyone can read a book and say it was or wasn't good. However, not many people can actually be creative and take the time to write something and then have the courage to post it for hundreds and sometimes thousands to see. I know my stories aren't the best, and I don't act like they are. I'm just happy to see people enjoy them, and you should too."
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A Mermaid Tale Book 2 - The Deep (Needs Editing) #Wattys2014

Social data: 234K reads. 5.8K votes. 1K comments.

Description: Well, things have certainly gone wrong for Tarabelle Johansson. Taiven is missing, she needs to rule an entire merkingdom on her own, the Upper Kingdom could be invaded at any moment and to top it all off, she's pregnant. Yes, the young woman certai...

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A Mermaid Tale - Book 1 (In Editing) #Wattys2014

A Mermaid Tale - Book 1 (In Editing) #Wattys2014

490K 10.9K 1.7K

"I was smoking on Shellfish Bridge, thinking about how I had completely screwed up my life, when an idea...

Walkers Book 1- Changing #Wattys2014

Walkers Book 1- Changing #Wattys2014

11.5K 776 64

Day and Night Walkers have always hated each other. Even in our modern days with unstable peace reigning...

A Mermaid Tale Book 3 - At Ocean's End

A Mermaid Tale Book 3 - At Ocean's End

11K 269 96

Tarabelle Johansson was once just a normal girl; but then she turned into a mermaid, then she became que...

Beyond Clouds and Time Book 1 - The Ancient World

Beyond Clouds and Time Book 1 - The Ancient World

154 4 1

Time is something precious, something valuable, that it why certain people search to change it, to take...

Love your books so much! I was just wondering how long it took for your books to become published? How did you help it get seen? I'm a new writer and I haven't had anybody seen my book yet :(
Any tips?