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Andrew's Touch (First chapter only. Rest coming once "Her Heart" is completed)

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Description: First Isis was a figure skater. Then Isis was a showgirl. And now Isis is a stripper. She has no sob story. She simply chose it. She loved the feeling of strange men touching her body as they slip $100 bills in her bikini top. She adores...

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The Alpha and His Kitten: Book 1

The Alpha and His Kitten: Book 1

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*SHORT STORY* *CONTAINS SEXUAL CONTENT* Rachel is a shy, rich girl. what happens when she meets bad boy...

Falling in love is hard to do (brother/sister)

Falling in love is hard to do (brother/sister)

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Dylan and Cole are as close as a brother and sister could get. maybe, too close? Throw in a best frien...

The Alpha and His Kitten: Book 2

The Alpha and His Kitten: Book 2

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*SHORT STORY* *CONTAINS SEXUAL CONTENT* Brock and Rachel are getting married soon and Rachel has to find...

Mature Completed
Her Heart

Her Heart

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Allie Dylan has always had the best attitude towards life. She got kicked out of her home, when she to...

i cant believe you didnt give us a ending to lets play a game and what happened to nate and zack even if you dont wont to go on writing it cant you at least summarize it for us i hate when i get into a book just to find the it dont have an ending and it leaves me with so many questions
Zelo1998 posted a message to Noahissupercute
i love your stories. they'r amazing!! 
      i just finished reading " lets play a game" and although i really liked it.. it left me very confused.
      i just want to ask if your ever going to continue with the nate and zach story.... ? 
I love your stories and I think it's really cool that your name's Noah even though your a girl I love that name. I hope you keep writing because I just finished your awesome book, "Let's play a game" and I loved it so much but you said sorry for wasting your time in the last line and I wanted to tell you that you didn't and I loved that book so much. Keep your chin up.