Status: Miss Punk being Face he is too good at being a jerk that it makes it hard to support him sometimes D: (1 year ago)


Name Venus
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I love The WWE!

R-Truth makes me laugh every time he is on the screen I think they need more Truth on Raw! 

How can you not laugh at the Little Jimmy loving, Spider hating, height fearing weirdo of a man, R-Truth?!?

Top 10 Superstars:
<R Truth>
<CM Punk>
<Dolph Ziggler>
<Cody Rhodes>
<Randy Orton>
<John Cena>
<Zack Ryder>
<Chris Jericho>

Top 5 Divas:
<Michelle McCool>
<AJ Lee>
<Michelle McCool>
<Beth Phoenix>

(Yes I put Michelle McCool twice, why? Because lets face it the Divas suck right now when Michelle McCool left the whole Divas respect did too. COME BACK MICHELLE) 

The Rock is an arrogant asshole that only comes around when he needs something from The WWE so if you support him your are one of those mindless sheep's that follow around someone that is using you! Stupid. 

My name really is Venus, my mom named me after the Roman Goddess. 


 240 months

(Still don't is another hint)

1,043 weeks


7,305 days

(Now you got it right? No?)

175,320 hours

(How about now? No?)

10,519,200 minutes

(This should really narrow it Really?)

631,152,000 seconds

(Can you figure it out now?)

I was born on a Friday

(oh come on u kno that helped!)

Age in Dog Years: 93.0

(If that's dog years figure out human ones its easy ;P)

Age in Galapagos Turtle Years: 9.5

(ugh fine I'll just tell ya! haha I'm 20) 

Miz: Really?

Christian: Really?

M: Really?

C: Riley!

M: Randy!

C: Riley!!

M: Randy!!

C: Riley!!!

M: Randy!!!

Truth: JIMMY!!! JIMMY!!! JIMMY!!! 

XDDDD 1 of the finest moments in WWE history! ;) xD
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