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I am especially fond of stories or novels which are based on aspects of the supernatural. I especially enjoy those with Vampires or Dragons. Any fantasy story with a good plot that catches my eye i'm sure to read. I also wile reading enjoy listening to classical music or music that's very old i'm talking 50's and BC.(a joke)
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umm...may i have another? *(Oliver twist reference) but no seriously i really am anxious to see the...
Psych Investigation Episode...

dont get me wrong i love your story it is really good previously stated.
The Nation Charmer-Book 1

im used to much richer material. so your story lack a bit of the essence of fantasy as i am used to. the mystery part the part where they struggle...
The Nation Charmer-Book 1

they found out what olive was too quickly. I surely would have to find out more than that he was called magician of the earth to figure all that...
The Nation Charmer-Book 1