-A girl that can't live a day without Kpop xD

Sige na nga ako na ung nasa picture xD mung ewan lang !

-Loves to listen to music. (kahit ano basta maganda)
-Loves to do cup song and knife song xD
-Loves watching movies
-Loves to eat.
-Loves to go shopping.
-Loves travelling.
-Loves Volleyball.
-Loves to enjoy life to the fullest.
-Loves to read, write, listen, act.
-Suck in dancing but good in singing.
-Loves The Notebook and Perfume (that's a movies ;)
-Loves to hangout with friends.
-Loves to play franks.
-A girl who is so Brokenhearted because of TITANIC :"(((( (I'm still can't get over it, is soooooo good movie)
-Loves ROSE and JACK <3
-A girl who is Simple, But Gorgeous ;*
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