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So, I'd like to get three things clear. 
One; I am a ninja
Two; My name is Maddy
Three; I am not normal... Not even close... 

Hmm, so what can I say? Oh, there is three amazing people that I've grown close to over the internet. And those are Rhii, Kristina and Nelofar
Rhii is - @RhiiTheAwkwardBadger
Kristina is - @BritishBoysXD
Nelofar is - @SilverMyst16
They are amazing, and you should really fan them. I promise you won't regret it. :)

So, read my stories and I won't injure you... Maybe... ;) 
So, fan me, fan my friends and etc... I am ninja. okay?


Love, Hate

Love, Hate

1 page, updated Dec 20, 2011GCompleted
51 reads votes 2 comments 3
Toy Solider

Toy Solider

1 page, updated Sep 23, 2011Completed
86 reads votes 4 comments 0

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