★ I am a Filipino writer. And I'm proud to be one. #ISupportPinoyWriters
      ★ My all-time favorite books are The Hunger Games Trilogy, Divergent Trilogy, Fablehaven Series and Percy Jackson and the Olympians Series.
      ★ I am a Christian Catholic who sincerely loves God. <3
      ★ I am currently addicted to TV series namely, Once Upon A Time, Grimm, Arrow, Hannibal, Pretty Little Liars and The Walking Dead. 
      ★ I enjoy playing Dark Summoner and Magnus Ignis.
      ★ I am currently working on a Fantasy / Adventure novel here in Wattpad which is entitled "The Unravelling: The Throne's Heir." Hope you guys can find time to read my work. Thanks in advance. ;)
      ★ Sorry, but I really don't have definite time for updates. (my first priority is really my studies)
      ★ I don't usually give a VOTE unless I really like the story.  
      ★ I personally love Fantasy, Adventure and Science Fiction stories (also Dystopias).
      ★ I was the one who designed my story's cover. So glad many find it attractive. :D  
      ★ I am a procrastinator. So, please be patient if I promised to read your works. Don't worry, I keep my word. Just wait, okay? :)
      ★ I am open to everyone. If you need something from me, just PM. I'll be glad to help. :)
      MY GOALS: 
      ★ READS: [X] 100 [X] 500 [ [X] 1000 [X] 1500 [X] 2000 [X] 2500 [X] 3000 [X] 5000 [?] 7500
      ★ VOTES: [X] 100 [X] 150 [X] 200 [X] 250 [X] 300 [X] 350 [X] 400 [X] 450 [X] 500 [?] 1000
      ★ HIGHEST RANK IN FANTASY HOT LIST: #47 (11/01/2012)
      ★ HIGHEST RANK IN ADVENTURE HOT LIST: #57 (11/01/2012)
      ★★★ FOLLOW ME on Twitter: @nikkovincejose ★★★
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The Unravelling: The Throne's Heir

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Description: THIS IS NOT YOUR TYPICAL FANTASY STORY. In an ordinary life, extraordinary truths can be unravelled. Vincent doesn't like his brother, Seth. He always ends up hating him for being the better one. Then one night, something strange happened. Only hi...

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