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Currently I live in Toronto, working with Wattpad now that I have graduated with my English degree. I have been writing seriously since I was about 14, when I began a very long fantasy novel, like all young boys do, and its 160 or so pages ended up in my closet until I finally threw them away. But the writing doesn't stop! Otherwise I just enjoy running around the city and goofing around, or playing Magic: The Gathering or League of Legends. If you want to play with me, let me know (not incredibly good at either, no expectations people!).

Here on Wattpad I have discovered serial writing, based on my love of manga, and continue to promote the art form in all ways on Wattpad through the Serial Writer's Guild, as well as other events I try to run. If you ever want to know anything about serial writing or want to be part of the Guild, send me a message!

I'm also a moderator and ambassador on Wattpad, so I'm sorry I closed your thread and you're angry about it.

The current background comes to us from a user named @kramswodahs. If you have fan art, a fan fiction story for Sigma/Star, or anything else you might want mentioned on the page, send me a message and let me know!

Shout out to my wonderful girlfriend @mylessismondo!
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Im a user, writer and you have to listen my suggests, complaints. I dont wanna see the new profiles anymore. Who wanna see?! 80% people are dont wanna use new profiles. Im a writer and i cant use new profiles. I don't wanna see a big backboard, I wanna see my books details. I wanna see regularity in Wattpad, not a complicated.