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Currently I live in Toronto, working with Wattpad now that I have graduated with my English degree. I have been writing seriously since I was about 14, when I began a very long fantasy novel, like all young boys do, and its 160 or so pages ended up in my closet until I finally threw them away. But the writing doesn't stop! Otherwise I just enjoy running around the city and goofing around, or playing Magic: The Gathering or League of Legends. If you want to play with me, let me know (not incredibly good at either, no expectations people!).

Here on Wattpad I have discovered serial writing, based on my love of manga, and continue to promote the art form in all ways on Wattpad through the Serial Writer's Guild, as well as other events I try to run. If you ever want to know anything about serial writing or want to be part of the Guild, send me a message!

If you have fan art, a fan fiction story for Sigma/Star, or anything else you might want mentioned on the page, send me a message and let me know!
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Pandemic [Original]

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Description: A superhero comicbook without the pictures, Raphael is a test subject in labs whose experiment goes right, just not with intended results, morphing him into a hero. Breaking out from the lab he balances between fighting crime or merely living as a h...


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LunaJBug posted a message to NickUskoski
      I have recently been informed by my cousin about nten months ago about how great wattpad is! Me being a bookworm, started a account on wattpad. I love wattpad but, I'm not so sure I feel so safe on wattpad anymore...
      I was looking up cyber bullying sites to avoid and when I entered one of the sites, wattpad came up as one of the sites to avoid, I got curious and let's say, curiosity killed the cat.
      How could you do such thing!? Just because you don't like someone of whom is on a site you somewhat control or whatever, doesn't give you the right to use your job to an advantage of BANNING and such extreme CYBERBULLYING someone and getting away with it! 
      When my cousin told me about wattpad she assured me that nobody would cyber bully me very much. As far as I'm concerned, I have been fine most of the time but THAT is the type of bullying that makes children have nightmares. Heck, I had nightmares of this happening, someone of whom works for the wattpad support team bullying someone, the first MONTH of using wattpad.
      Ok, at this moment, I don't care if you are calling me a bish for writing this, but I looked up to the support team, and every ounce of respect was lost when I finished the article. I'm extremely disappointed.
SmoothAmy posted a message to NickUskoski
People like you are the ones that make me feel unsafe online and the reason why I haven't been on Wattpad in ages. THANKS SO MUCH for proving my fears to be correct. 
pazahel posted a message to NickUskoski
Dear Nick, 
      I used to look up to you but what you did was just wow. I can't believe you are that low. I hope you are happy now. 
NickUskoski commented on Sigma/Star - Chapter 123: The Bump

haha Rex isn't another Chase all over again; he simply has similar traits like being brash, bold, and overconfident, and is able to resurface memories of Chase, but he is not a complex bully with strong ties to notions of friendship and loyalty. He is an airhead who knows too little about the world to be able to think about it. His closeness to a previous character helps ease readers into memorizing him without having to learn a whole new character, the same way Grimsley and Porter are mirror characters, or Gretta and Nami.