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Currently I live in Toronto, working with Wattpad now that I have graduated with my English degree. I have been writing seriously since I was about 14, when I began a very long fantasy novel, like all young boys do, and its 160 or so pages ended up in my closet until I finally threw them away. But the writing doesn't stop! Otherwise I just enjoy running around the city and goofing around, or playing Magic: The Gathering or League of Legends. If you want to play with me, let me know (not incredibly good at either, no expectations people!).

Here on Wattpad I have discovered serial writing, based on my love of manga, and continue to promote the art form in all ways on Wattpad through the Serial Writer's Guild, as well as other events I try to run. If you ever want to know anything about serial writing or want to be part of the Guild, send me a message!

I'm also a moderator and ambassador on Wattpad, so I'm sorry I closed your thread and you're angry about it.

If you have fan art, a fan fiction story for Sigma/Star, or anything else you might want mentioned on the page, send me a message and let me know!

Shout out to my wonderful girlfriend @mylessismondo!
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Description: The Earth is approaching the year 2200. It has been divided by four major powers who dwell in ceaseless war. Human pilots learn to drive massive mechanized soldiers called Goliaths as warmachines to tip the tides of battle in their favour. Porter Ry...

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@HavocRock I have talked with a few readers over time to do it, but people want to read on Wattpad, for the most part, so I will have to look elsewhere. As for external websites/facebook, I wouldn't recommend them from my own experience, as users like to stay on Wattpad and rarely go elsewhere, but you never know. You may have better luck, particularly if tablets and laptops are up for grabs.

@HavocRock for a bit...it was...

The entire thing is built around manga/anime/light novels so if it seems like it should adapt easily to a comic or animation, I did it right and thus hurray, thank you!

Otherwise, there was a brief period when my brother was in his last year of high school where a student teacher came in who was also a comic artist. I approached them with Sigma/Star, let's say 50 chapters ago, and they agreed to make it a manga. I have the first 10 pages and saw the first 13. It looks amazing, I was super excited, and I had concept art they drew for Goliaths.

When my brother's school year ended, the teacher disappeared and ended all contact with me, meaning the comic was essentially over and gone and I've never heard from them since. 



There's the first 10 and the concept art. I'm still always looking for that someone who might want to try a shot at making this a manga or generally making one with me if they draw I write, etc.

The character for Sigma existed in my head for a long time as this little human sized robot-thing that could beat all these mechs with ease. Then I read the manga Broken Blade when I was getting into the mech genre and it inspired me to do what I had always wanted and write that kind of story