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Currently I live in Toronto, working with Wattpad now that I have graduated with my English degree. I have been writing seriously since I was about 14, when I began a very long fantasy novel, like all young boys do, and its 160 or so pages ended up in my closet until I finally threw them away. But the writing doesn't stop! Otherwise I just enjoy running around the city and goofing around, or playing Magic: The Gathering or League of Legends. If you want to play with me, let me know (not incredibly good at either, no expectations people!).

Here on Wattpad I have discovered serial writing, based on my love of manga, and continue to promote the art form in all ways on Wattpad through the Serial Writer's Guild, as well as other events I try to run. If you ever want to know anything about serial writing or want to be part of the Guild, send me a message!

If you have fan art, a fan fiction story for Sigma/Star, or anything else you might want mentioned on the page, send me a message and let me know!
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I Want To Be Famous!

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Description: A collection of different functions on Wattpad and how to use them to maximize your exposure and read numbers in an effort to help Wattpadders achieve personal goals of fame!

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NickUskoski commented on I Want To Be Famous! - Wattematics

You have reached the conundrum of all artists of all mediums, not an issue of where to post your work.

Every artist will struggle with the idea of balancing being artistic, creative, and original, with being mainstream. For every McCarthy of Helprin, you have Stephanie Meyer, J K Rowling, Dan Brown, and EL James posting average works of massive success. Artsy, indie films are crushed by Transformers 7. Creative, unique sounds get nowhere, while 1D, 5SOS, Taylor Swift and Katy Perry write the same songs to much fanfare.

Wattpad is not the reason any of this happens. People are. Your issue you're describing is about mainstream vs. independent. You will find an audience on Wattpad for well-written, creative works, but it won't be the same as the one reached by average, repetitive works that we've seen before.

This is not a bad thing, it's just how humans work. Most people want average, which is why it is called "average." When people writing unique works struggle and falter, they want to blame the location, like Wattpad, for their downfall, when they should be blaming society, and should really be blaming themselves.

If you want to make a work to be popular, write something mainstream. If you want a work to be powerfully unique, don't expect popularity. At the end of the day you have to ask yourself why you are writing. Are you writing for yourself and for other writers and the artform, or are you writing so that millions of people will be mildly entertained by your work? The choice is yours. Posting it to Wattpad, publishing it to a bookstore, or posting it anywhere else will not change this fact.
Ashifili posted a message to NickUskoski
Whee, it's almost like I've been somewhat noticed by a famous person~ Thanks for adding From Cracked Open Skies into your Reading List, and I hope to see comments from you futurely.

Out of curiosity though, how did you even FIND it the first place? Pretty certain that my weirdass work is more invisible than, say, a normal fantasy featuring swords and sorcery.