I'm not here to be famous. I just want to have my story "out there" so that I know that I at least "published" some of my stories. It feels good.

So, if you feel like reading my stories, please read and I hope you enjoy them and have fun! And if you don't feel like reading my stories, I'm not going to force you.

I hope my stories make you laugh, cry, mad, eager, and maybe even leave an impression.

I'm also a major OTAKU so if you feel like talking to someone about manga/anime, you can message me and I'll reply! (Not that I won't reply to any other messages not concerning the topic). Due to my manga/anime obsession, most of my stories will have a sort of manga/anime "feel" to them but if you don't notice, what's the harm? 

Also, I have a friend called @THEflamingmoonlight who I swap story ideas with frequently. We like to write stories together and I'd appreciate it if you'd check out her stories, even if they are different from mine. If you happen to end up liking her stories as well, then great! I hope you have fun reading.

                  New Destination

Note: I own NONE of the images I use in my stories, including covers, background pictures, and character pictures. Those belong to their rightful owners.
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The Fairy Chase

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Description: When a prince refuses to give up on Faye’s hand in marriage, her vision of freedom quickly slips beyond her reach. With her ladies-in-waiting, they run away and form an all-female dancing group called Fairy Rave to fulfill Faye’s dream of travel...

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His Cologne

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The Nerd is Mine! (Short Shoujo #1)

The Nerd is Mine! (Short Shoujo #1)

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How to Love (Class 101) [ON HOLD/EDITING]

How to Love (Class 101) [ON HOLD/EDITING]

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“You two will never be together.” “The red string of fate has tied your futures to each other, ye...

priya111 posted a message to NewDestination
I just started reading your story " how to love" nd got addicted but only to get disappointed that it has not been updated since a year. So do me a big favor nd try to upload please as i just love it. Thanks