Hey everyone,

I'm Neve Adams... obviously. I've been passionate about writing ever since I was eight years old and have been writing novel ever since then. However, I started to post my stories (which is the first time people actually seeing my work) ever since I entered wattpad which would be in 2012. If I look back at my stories now, I think they aren't really great as I learnt so much from then and now and I am still learning. I love writing as it's my way of expressing my crazy imagination and a way for me to experience a world I might not ever experience.

The types of stories I tend to write is romance, dystopian and supernatural types. I haven't posted any dystopian and supernatural stories up as I prefer to finish, or almost finish the story before showing people. My dystopian and supernatural types of stories are the ones that I would really like to get published and two of my story ideas, I would love it if they actually did get published. I guess that's my goal to complete once I finished university.

I will be posting those stories up on Wattpad first to have an input of what you think. I'd like to improve it and the feedback and encouragement I get from my readers are the best. 

If you like any help or advice then please message me. I might take a while to reply as I'm quite busy right now with school. However, I promise to respond immediately - I would always try to respond back to those who asks for advice. If I ever do forget to reply back then I'm deeply sorry and if I don't reply back in a month or so then please ask me again. 

If you ask me to read your novel, I don't know if I'd be able to read it but I will try. But that, I cannot make any promises. But please, do not advertise any of your stories on my novels... I tend to get a little bit annoyed and delete immediately. So please tell me once and I will try to check it out whenever I can.

Thank you,
Neve R. Adams
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EpiphanyBlue posted a message to NeveAdams
The story line is awesome, but there are a lot of grammatical errors. Not to judge or anything; it was still a great story. I just think maybe you could improve it by fixing a thing or two. I may sound hypocritical by trying to give you advice, seeing as how I just joined and all. I literally have two followers, and one of them is a girl I've known since third grade. But if you ever need help editing one of your stories, then I'd be happy to help.
Hey I absolutely love your book the bucket list, my heart beats every time I get a notification that you updated. Just a question that you probably got asked a million times. But wil there be a sequel?? I really hope so *hint hint* ;)