Hey everyone,

I'm Neve Adams... obviously. I've been passionate about writing ever since I was eight years old and have been writing novel ever since then. However, I started to post my stories (which is the first time people actually seeing my work) ever since I entered wattpad which would be in 2012. If I look back at my stories now, I think they aren't really great as I learnt so much from then and now and I am still learning. I love writing as it's my way of expressing my crazy imagination and a way for me to experience a world I might not ever experience.

The types of stories I tend to write is romance, dystopian and supernatural types. I haven't posted any dystopian and supernatural stories up as I prefer to finish, or almost finish the story before showing people. My dystopian and supernatural types of stories are the ones that I would really like to get published and two of my story ideas, I would love it if they actually did get published. I guess that's my goal to complete once I finished university.

I will be posting those stories up on Wattpad first to have an input of what you think. I'd like to improve it and the feedback and encouragement I get from my readers are the best. 

If you like any help or advice then please message me. I might take a while to reply as I'm quite busy right now with school. However, I promise to respond immediately - I would always try to respond back to those who asks for advice. If I ever do forget to reply back then I'm deeply sorry and if I don't reply back in a month or so then please ask me again. 

If you ask me to read your novel, I don't know if I'd be able to read it but I will try. But that, I cannot make any promises. But please, do not advertise any of your stories on my novels... I tend to get a little bit annoyed and delete immediately. So please tell me once and I will try to check it out whenever I can.

Thank you,
Neve R. Adams
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Description: Ellie is one of those nerds who blocked herself away from people and studied non-stop ever since her mother passed away. During her senior year, she decided to make a bucket list to change the way her life is and soon she finds herself making a deal...

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Tutoring Mr Possessive [Editing]

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Pranking Mr Possessive

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NeveAdams commented on The Bucket List - Prologue

"You do know that people make bucket lists to accomplish things before they pass away?"
It is true but 'Bucket List' means a list you want to accomplish before you hit the bucket (also can be phrased as a list you want to complete before you die)
bebexo112 posted a message to NeveAdams
Tutoring Mr. Possessive is a amazing novel. I have to say that I love your story so so much. What inspired this book? How do you come up with these characters and most importantly how do you keep so much personality in your story?  Keep updating the sequel!
NeveAdams commented on The Bucket List - Prologue

I hang my head off the side of the bed, seeing Mia upside down. "Erg, don't remind me," I say in an annoyed tone. Even though I take my education very responsibly, I hate school to my guts. But, my e...
exactly, the main reason why you made education your top priority is because of your family. If it weren't for your family then perhaps education wouldn't even be your top priority. So in other words (as seeing how you put it), because of your family you want to have an education so you can help them. Your using education so you CAN protect your family. So that means family first... well in my opinion.
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The doorbell rings. I rush downstairs and answer the door to see Amelia, but prefers to be called Mia, standing there with a casual smile plastered on her face. She's holding her laptop against her c...
you hate this book because the main character doesn't like her own name. To be honest, I think a lot of people in the world hate their own names.