Hi, I'm a Student. I dabble in writing and do try to do my best, so updates are slow. Just as a countermeasure to having an overcrowded news feed where I can't find anything, I don't fan back. I will check out your page and whatnot, might flip through the first few pages of your stories if they catch my interest. If I like your work I will vote and possibly comment on it.
I am a nice person so don't feel shy, message me anytime, I will get around to it just not during school. The people I have linked towards the bottom have some great stories or are really neat people. Check them out, too.
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Murderer: Turncoat Trilogy Book 2

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Description: I'm sorry... I'm so sorry... I deserve this chair... I deserve everything that happened to me. I'm a horrible person. I've killed. My friends...oh god, Carly, Allen, Felix... I'm sorry... I'm a horrible person, and for reasons you don't even know.


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Turncoat: Turncoat Trilogy Book 1

Turncoat: Turncoat Trilogy Book 1

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I'm nothing special. I'm nobody. I don't stand out. Well... I didn't stand out before, now my face is p...

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Ultimate Sacrifice (NaNoWriMo 2014)

Ultimate Sacrifice (NaNoWriMo 2014)

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With a war and an orcish horde looming over the Realm of Faen, Arianna's not keen to stay and watch it f...

Angel of the Damned

Angel of the Damned

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For the past twenty years, she’s been imprisoned within her own mind for her crimes, crimes she committe...

Rise from Ashes: An Anthology [Watty's 2013]

Rise from Ashes: An Anthology [Watty's 2013]

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Eleva: Vampiric Law is sacred, to break even the simplest of laws is to sign your own death warrant. Ele...

Hey guys, so Turncoat has reached 150k reads, which is amazing.  So, I think I will get started at least on a chapter of Turncoat 2, which will be dubbed turncoat 2 until I come up with a better name. So, look out in the near future!