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Rise from Ashes: An Anthology [Watty's 2013]

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Alright everyone!!! So, I have so awesome news, especially to those of you who read Turncoat. So in my effort to prepare enough Turncoat, I managed to finish the story. So I am proud to admit that I will be able to post Turncoat through the month of November and well into the February, potentially March.
And 8 days to NaNoWriMo.
Ultimate Sacrifices premiers 11.1.14
Ultimate Sacrifice

With a war and an orcish horde looming over the Realm of Faen, Arianna's not keen to stay and watch it fall. One last job that sees anyone die for the right price, and she's gone.
Her reputation for her swords brings her to the attention of Lord Sadron Aldaos--and the price tag fit for a king on the life of Lady Yara Rololinde.
It seems straightforward: One last job, one last life, get paid, get out. But bitter house rivalries lay hidden behind the perfect faces of Faen's politicians, and Arianna soon finds herself caught in a game of revenge spanning the years, where the wrong information can get the wrong people killed.
'One last job' has never been so complicated.

Coming November 1st , 2014
Okay...so I don't know if anyone got an WP update and it wouldn't surprise me if anyone didn't but new chapter of TC, 15.1. 
Alright all of you Turncoat readers, with the addition of Chapter 19.3 to my drafts, we officially have the first post for the month of December and I can keep you guys thoroughly reading through NaNoWriMo.

Also, I would like to reveal the title of my NaNo story of which you should expect a 1.7k-ish word daily update. It will be fantasy/action.

Coming November 1st, Ultimate Sacrifice.
HardeeBurger posted a message to NerdyNinja1
Yep Ninja.  You post below comes across on my newsfeed ad a Message to All Followers.  And you should totally do Elvin Assassin.  Make it like the Bourne Identity with a The Professional sort of twist, only instead of Leon dying, the little girl saves his life.
My Vote Rules!  :-D
Alright guys, two things.
1. This first one goes to the readers of Turncoat, you know who you are and there are so many of you that I'm not going to bother tagging all of you. I have ~800 words away from being able to say I can keep you guys reading through the entire month of November while I do NaNoWriMo, AKA National Novel Writing Month.
2. This actually has to deal with NaNoWriMo. I am competing and will be posting my story here so expect long, daily updates. Which brings me to my issue of I don;t know which one I want to write. Here are the two stories and I would love to hear which one you guys would rather read.

Elvin Assassin
An elf with a sword play affinity works as an assassin for the highest bidder, but she has one rule: no children. She is hired to kill a  member of the nobility. The member turns out of the be the daughter of a very influential lady. When assassins turn up to kill the young girl, the assassin turns against her employer in an effort to terminate the hit.

Fae Girl
In the realm of the Fae there is a dispute between the light fae and dark fae and a dark fae woman is being hunted my light fae forces when she opens a portal into this world and throws her child through.  Well the child is unskilled in controlling her dark magic and ends up killing people. She's on the run when the fae ambassadors with this world find her and then it's basically trying to get her back into the fae realm or if she's stranded here forever.
Okay guys, so I moved over to the new profile just to get it over with. I hope nothing goes too horribly wrong with this but please know, I will be posting Turncoat every 4 days and coming in November will be a new story as long as everything goes as planned. If you can see this, would you mind dropping me a line so I know how well this works? Just a simple hello would do. Thanks!!