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Hey! My name is IREL, pronounced as AYREL.
18 years old pero di daw mukhang 18. HAHA
HRM student.
Mahilig magfangirling at magbasa ng libro.
Minsan mataray, palaging tamad, minsan masungit, madalas baliw.

The Girl in Fake Nerd Glasses | Author of Stuck in the Moment | Clingy Crazy Teenager | Writer of Viva Psicom Publishing Corp ♥


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The Royalties (Ongoing)

Social data: 370K reads. 5.2K votes. 1.1K comments.

Description: Cassandra Monteffiore is a billionare teenage girl at lahat ng gusto niya nakukuha niya. She's the founder of "The Royalties". What if one day, nakipag-deal siya kay Lance Grimshaw to prove him something? Will she stick to her decision or she'll fai...

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StarStruck (Kathniel)

StarStruck (Kathniel)

3M 30.6K 9.8K

Have you experienced fangirling over someone? Yung tipong, ngumingiti ka dahil nakikita mo siya sa TV. Y...

Stuck with the past (Kathniel) SITM book 3

Stuck with the past (Kathniel) SITM book 3

1.3M 21.4K 9.7K

Meet Alex. Isang simple teenager na walang ibang ginawa kundi ang magaral ng mabuti. But after an accide...

#128 in Fanfiction #342 in Teen Fiction
I'm his TUTOR (kathniel)

I'm his TUTOR (kathniel)

9.8M 76.7K 30.4K

Meet Mikaela Maghirang. Nerd sa school pero super sweet-slash-makulit child sa house. Wala siyang ibang...

#45 in Fanfiction #149 in Teen Fiction
Stuck in the moment (Kathniel) book 1

Stuck in the moment (Kathniel) book 1

10.5M 93.7K 24.3K

Published under Viva Psicom. Available in bookstores nationwide for only 195php. Taglish. Meet Kathryn...

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madz29 posted a message to NerdyIrel
hi ms.irel i just want to ask if kelan mauupdate ulit ung IHT ? love love ko kc un ee :)) hope na matapos na po;)
KaryllDelaney posted a message to NerdyIrel
Sure i can read it @Nerdylrel anything for you but but right after i read your story "Starstruck" its soo amazing!!!!!and can u plss give me a favour?if u are making another story of kathniel can i be in the story too plss!!!!!thank u