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My profile picture is of a character from my story! Awesome right?

I'm Bengali and a Muslim!

I would love to meet new people!

Write a funny random fact about yourself on my message board, crack me up :D

I honestly would love to chat with all of you so just PM me if you're interested in communicating!

You'd Better Hyde - Action #777
Carvings - Adventure #513
Voiceless - Science Fiction #429 & Mystery / Thriller #994
Carvings - Adventure #88
Voiceless - Science Fiction #338

If you like Adventure filled with young love and mini adventures then Carvings is the book for you!

You enjoy fantasy worlds with hot evil kings and secret heirs? Maybe a little suspense and action will get you reeled in? Well then, my new story The Divination is here just for you!

If not, then check out my Sci-Fi - it would stir up some debates and may mix up some emotions. Check out Voiceless!

My website links to the media I have created whilst at Wattpad :D
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Description: Young kids have imaginary friends right? Friends who are not really there but their minds are so vulnerable they believe anything is possible? Well, for Elise that wasn't the case. At the young age of five she had an imaginary friend named Brayden...


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Voiceless (Wattys2015)

Voiceless (Wattys2015)

6.8K 179 80

Merudoxin. Hearing that word should have made everyone grimace at the thought. It should have filled th...

The Divination

The Divination

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A prophecy. A kingdom doused in darkness. A missing heir. Alessia has had enough of acting slave toward...

You'd Better Hyde

You'd Better Hyde

1.8K 133 102

Kim could not accept the fact that her mother was no longer with her. She knew her mum didn't escape thi...

Check out chapter 15 & 16 of Carvings to see drawings of Elise and Brayden! Hopefully more will be added!
I would love it if anyone created banners for any of my stories! got plenty of space for multimedia!! 
Nemo2202 commented on The Divination - Ξ ONE Ξ

Thank you for the feedback, I noticed that the paragraph needed spacing but my keyboard was acting up and replacing words and I got a little annoyed :P 
      This is also my first time writing in present tense - never done it before and sometimes I accidentally go back to the past tense so I need to keep reading back what I wrote :)
Check out my new fantasy romance! You guys have been saying I should include romance so this is my attempt!