So...how did you get here? Anyway, hi :]

• I'm totally addicted to CHOCOLATE.
       i'm no racist : i love both dark choco♥ n white choco♡

• Warning. I'm ASIAN :]

• I'm 14. Yay xP


• i have the best buddy ever :
     ~@_arin_ craziest girl in the whole world!
     ~@MrSeven07 i think he's gay... xD
     ~@vincentice5 one word : hilarious!
     ~@RockCheryl she's a great friend!! xP

• i'm CATHOLIC †, and i'm proud to be one!

• I stalk ! O.O So, beware ;)


♛ I love READING...❤
       - Cliches? No! Unless it's HUMOROUS. Why? 
               Too easy to be predicted (even though i'm not a psychic)

       - Be U-Ni-Que

♛ I suck in writing, i admit ᵔ.ᵔ

♛ I'm also addicted to draw. Drawing = my life.

♛ I'm a forever reader... I don't write!
     ...Tell me your stories? PM me ;D (Not guaranteed)
     ...Oh, if you want me to read, make sure your character is NOT Mary Sue.

♛ What I read? Anything. R-Rated, LGBT, I don't mind.

♛ I dance too ;P


Most amazing genre : FANTASY ––– Why? Look. In the fantasy genre, you can put anything you want beyond your imagination, without caring people will be like, "Hey, that's not even close to realistic!"

Ha! It's FANTASY, baby! Go crazy with your imagination.

I like clichés ;)
Well, who doesn't?

If you're still reading this... Let me tell you a secret: You're one example of AWESOMENESS ;P

Heck, i ran out of characters, I've used 1956 characters, trying to make it 2000, now it's 1999
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