I like to write. I like to read. So obviously I have become quite addicted to Wattpad. 

I don't know why I love writing so much, but it seems that my mind is an endless movie theater and any time I have a pencil in my hand and a piece of paper in front of me I am writing down a plot line. I want my stories to be original, thought provoking, interesting and most of all give you a laugh every once in a while. 

Because what is fun about reading a story without some form of comic relief?
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Description: It’s been six years since werewolves revealed themselves to the world, five since they took over every aspect of the government and asserted their dominance over humans, and four since Juniper’s dad was murdered by a werewolf coming home from wo...

AuburnScarf posted a message to Namenottaken
Wow I am hooked on your amazing and thankfully original story. I am glad that Juniper does not turn into a whiny love-struck girl like so many stories tend to go for.  Finally a strong woman who will not dispose of her morals. My only regrets are that this book isn't finished, I am during my exam period and simply cannot concentrate cause I am looking for a similar story to yours without any success. Well done! :) So I hope this post encourages you to continue with your amazing story!  Ps. Red is the funniest character I have read about for a looong time!
5miling posted a message to Namenottaken
Please update as soon as you can! I still love this story and check everyday! I totally understand if you need time, as long as you don't give up on this story. Oh, and I hope you have a happy New Year!(:
Will you be updating soon? I don't mean to pressure you into anything, but I can't help but wonder what's going to happen next? It's a cliffhanger and it's driving me insane. You're so talented and it's the best book that I've read on wattpad in a LONG time..... Please and thank you, darlin' 

Thak you for all your comments!  I really enjoy reading thoughtful comments like yours. Unfortunately, there are very few readers (at least commenters) who share your opinion (which is in fact completely rational thinking). The people that want Sean and Juniper to have a romantic relationship make me highly confused and a little sad. How can they ignore all the horrible things that Sean has done?!?! 

I also think you might have autocorrected Sean to Arab in your last comment, just making sure.

Once again, thank you for your feedback!