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Hey guys(;

Awesome people:

Fan @salehaxox cause she is legendary;D
Fan @Mosiac cause she is funny ans super supportive;)
Fan @nstyle cause she's LEGIT and AWESOME!!!!!!!
Fan @FreeWolfSpirit cause her house is awesome for a party;) an she is apparently UNIQUE=P
Fan @jetjacky cause he makes me laugh and he's got an awesome story, check it out!!!=D
Fan @LittleThings1234 cause she's sweet an she brings me gifts=P
Fan @PerfectWeapon cause she's a close friend!

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I always fan back, promise;)

Until we meet again...


Their Vampire Legacy

Their Vampire Legacy

Vampire #149
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Someone once told me that there are things in this world that we can never understand... Things that can never be explained... There are secrets our minds will never... read more
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@salehaxox awe thank you! You also always support me so thanks a ton! =D
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@Megnegron and @Viperbigdog thank you both for your continuous support and votes. I always notice. Thanks you so much! =D
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@SiLent_NigHtss haha Thanks for the support as always!! I'm hoping to get back into your book as soon as holidays come and I am not as busy...
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@ShocksOld-Lady Thank you so much for your support and understanding! =))
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@salehaxox thank you! =D how is detention goin;) jus kidding! @SiLent_NigHtss I did lol=)
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