I'm 21
      I'm a Writer
      A Dreamer
      A hopeless romantic 
      I listen to every type of music
      My favorite phrase is "You stupid HOMOSAPIEN!"
      I'm a member of the rapidly decreasing group of believers in the world of magic
      I love KPOP/JPOP
      I'm quite but I love making new friends, so let's chat!
      I'm weird but in a crazy,fun way!
      I love to hear what people think about what I write!
      And I love to hear what others can imagine and write!
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    3 years ago

Reading Lists

      To anyone whom this may interest, today I will taking down all stories from my account with the possibility of never putting them back up. Instead I have some interesting new stories that can be read while I figure out how to fix the mess I've made of them.  Awoken Myths may be kept up because I plan to change the whole story line but to anyone who is reading these stories just a heads up. If anyone has any issues with this feel free to let me know.