Addicted to the net since the AOL [mid 90s] dial-up days, I <3 "being connected". Mostly for work & research, but I assist wattpadders with titles, prologues, summaries, keywords, editting, and choosing the best categories..

I've been on dozens of chat sites/apps (do u recognize me?) and a moderator on most. Recently, wattpad gave me a sash. I think it was a bribe to put clothes on my profile picture :D As an ambassador/ninja, it  means I'm committed to assist and offer advice :) 

I'd <3 to read your stories (**no fan-fic, werewolves, vampires, zombies , teacher/student, incest or Riordan's alternating FP POV**) - so drop me a line & a link.

FYI, I comment *a lot* when I enjoy a story; check out my comments on @mezmerised  @antheasharp @AlexThomas @davidalastairhayden works! When I've lost interest, I cease to read/comment. But if you message me, I'll let you know if I'm still working on it :) or let you know when/where you lost me/I lost interest. 

Wattpad authors - I applaud you & the time & patience to write, read, and respond to anonymous comments. If you can't take criticism, consider keeping your work off a public site. It's *too easy* & takes a *little bit* of common sense to reply, "Thanks for your feedback. I'll keep it in mind". Doesn't mean you'll oblige. Or *delete* the comment. I dislike writers who don't comment *at all - I avoid them :/

 *~ Browse my shelves for Myztikal's Gems * Only *the best* writers who interact POSITIVELY to their readers are *ever* featured here! *~ 

"Undiscovered Diamonds in the Rough" are Unfinished, Abandonded, Editting, or Slightly Flawed Works I discover..

Myztik's Picks are my Monthly Promotions in the Undiscovered Gem Club. There's a new topic each month.

Finding the silver lining is a *Myztikal* specialty. I don't "Live today like I'll die tomorrow", I "Live today to share it with my friends tomorrow." To date, I can't recall a "boring day" in my life.

{{{huggles}}} ~ ataraxia ~ "peace of mind" ~ *Myztikal* ~
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