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A common theme of mine in my books is Moral Ambiguity. Here I always try to make each character as three dimensional as possible, including and most especially the "villains", wherein they have rational, far-sighted reasons for their actions and just understand the world better than most. I've always enjoyed the Machiavellian sort of villains because it really puts the typical concept of an evil-intentioned villain in turmoil.

Something I most often aim for my characters is Harmony in Diversity. Everyone represents a take on the different archetypes, and though there is sometimes friction between them, they always somehow get along. You will see that my straight-backed, stiff-necked, and moody protagonists are always offset by a cheerful, optimistic, and carefree character. An example of this, taking from the only novel I posted on Wattpad, Song of Crimson, Crimson and Azure. Maybe I just like seeing people heckle each other.

I grew up reading the books of Dumas, Poe, Sir Conan Doyle, Robert Stevenson, Stoker, Stephen Crane, and am currently following Jim Butcher's The Dresden Files as well as Alison Sinclair's Lightborn and Darkborn books.    

Interests: Action, Fantasy, Mystery, Science Fiction, Thriller

Likes: Literature in general, movies, free time, The Dresden Files, Vinny (the Family Guy dog-replacement whom I liked better than Brian when the latter was, like, dead for a few episodes)

Dislikes: Fanfiction (especially those related to Pop Culture), Seafood, Clutter, Stress, Aquaman


Song of Crimson

Song of Crimson

21 parts / 85 pages, updated Nov 12, 2013PG
In the barren land of Grandor, Stromborg city is torn. Its theocratic leader is abducted. Its once impregnable walls are pierced, leading to the penetration of the lethal ... read more
2,197 reads votes 176 comments 51
One Night's Confession

One Night's Confession

3 pages, updated Jul 04, 2012GCompleted
214 reads votes 11 comments 7

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