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Well, where to start:) there is no way in heck Id ever be able to summarize my whole self in this small of a space, so I'll just try to include some fun stuff about me:

Iam a total music geek
I hate cliches
Twilight annoys me
I think Harry potter is awesome 
I actually prefer caramel over chocolate
If I could have any super power in the world it would be to be able to shape shift
I love watching/reading scary stuff, even though I always feel like a sissy when I get scared
I think coffee is the greatest thing since sliced bread
I'd like to go to an art college when I graduate highschool 
I have 23 chickens and 4 ducks, and I hate them all. Jk. I only hate them all most of the time.
I think lightning bugs are amazing. 
I want a motorcycle as my first vehicle
 I think people who have accents are awesome
I hate people who think they're better than everyone else just cause they might be prettier or more popular or richer. 
Playboys and cheaters tick me off. 
And I really wish guys weren't so daft sometimes:) 
Well, thats probably the best summary of me I can do, so toodles:)


Lighting Bugs and Lullabies

Lighting Bugs and Lullabies

2 parts / 2 pages, updated Jun 22, 2013PG-13
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