Hey everyone!!!!!!!!
My name is Adita.
I'm from India.
I loveeeeee reading!!!!  I love the times when I'm tucked in my blanket with a book in my hand and (rather rarely) hot chocolate in the other. And of course! I love chocolate and can definitely live on it !!!!!! 
Apart from that I'm all about music, joblessness n basketball.i'm just the kind of crazy bitch who can make you cry but still be there for you whenever you need me. I'm also a hardcore dancer!!! 
I love music and getting my earphones off my ear would probably be the hardest thing you ever did!!!!!!!!
My favourites are Eminem, Chris Brown, the script, karmin, backstreet boys n ONE DIRECTION!!!!!!!!!!
I'm not a much of a sportsperson but I loveeee basketball!!!!!
liam, Zayn, harry, niall n louis are the gods of hotness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My main motto in life is to live it to its fullest cuz my life's imperfect without ups n downs ;)
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