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17 years young
I love batman :) 
Friendly (at least I try) 
Great listener, come talk to me!
Music lover
Pierce The Veil
Sleeping With Sirens
Falling In Reverse
All Time Low
Memphis May Fire
Hollywood Undead (newest obsession)
Fall Out Boy
Panic! At The Disco
Her Bright Skies
And many many more, just ask! And I'm always up for music suggestions 

I support the organization To Write Love On Her Arms, it is a non profit organization that helps those with depression, self harm, suicidal thoughts, and self confidence issues. If you want to learn more go to http://twloha.com
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Scotland's Burning

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Description: (Sequel to The death of Griffin) Zack Hathoway. He had friends, family, oh and a master. Zack is far from normal. But the only people who know his secret are his best friends Griffin and Evan. What happens when Scotland, the new girl, tries to get...

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Native (BoyxBoy)

Native (BoyxBoy)

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"Avery!" I cried as I watched the demons circle his limp form. "NO!" Anoki Shadow-hawk is a 17 year old...

When He Kisses You...

When He Kisses You...

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Just some One-shots and Short stories. Most will be BoyxBoy maybe a few BoyxGirl. This will eventually b...

From Heaven Above (BoyxBoy)

From Heaven Above (BoyxBoy)

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Zylan was heart broken. His boyfriend of three years, Bryon, was killed in an accident that Zylan caused...

My Songs

My Songs

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Um not really poetry, just songs. But I think most songs can double as poetry so thats why I put it unde...

Stunning! I didn't think it was possible but this book keeps getting better and better. Seriously it's not fair how talented you are! Wanna share some of you genius with me? Lol but honestly this update made me so happy. But the chapter almost made me cry, you sent me on an emotional roller-coaster! Can't wait for the next chapter!
So I'm having problems saving the stuff that I write on here, I have to save it somewhere and else so I'm afraid that I won't be able to post things. Since I can only do it through the app since my computer still isn't working it might be awhile till I update, but I promise I'm in the middle of a few new chapter and I will post them as soon as I'm able! Sorry again and thanks so much for putting up with me, I love you guys!
Oh my gosh you guys, there are 400 of you now! I really wish I had more time and inspiration. It's hard because my computer isn't working so I can only write using the app which is extremely hard because you can't tell how much you've written and all the mistakes or auto correct problems. But I promise I'm trying, I really am! Thanks to all if you who have stuck with me haha love you guys!