I'm Rodina (Dina for short, but lately going by the name Iani)
I'm 17 years old, and a girl
I love books, poems, and songs
I have a teddy that I still sleep with every night named Yueki (yue as in moon; and yuki as in snow)
I have two older sibling; no younger siblings
I'm a Daddy's Girl
A loner -not by choice-
Sarcastic & cynic

Favorite Singers/Bands: Taylor Swift; Green Day; Tim McGraw; Keith Urban; Rascal Flatts; Breaking Benjamin; Flyleaf; Fall Out Boys; Nickelback; Simple Plan; and Cher Lloyd

Favorite Movies/T.V. Shows: Percy Jackson; Harry Potter; Pitch Perfect; How To Train Your Dragon; Psyche; NCIS; CSI; Tom and Jerry; and SpongeBob SquarePants

Favorite Animes/Mangas: Card Captor Sakura; Ghost Hunt; Skip Beat; Gakuen Alice; La Corda; Bleach; Free!; Kuroku no Basuke; Area no Kishi; Ginga e Kickoff; Prince of Tennis; Fairy Tail; Love Live! and Detective Conan

Favorite foods/colors: Carbonara; Aroz Ala Cubana; Fried Chicken; chocolate (except almond and milk); CHEESE!; potato; mallows; and cookies... red; blue; black; hot pink; and neon green

I'm organised, but at the same time I'm not
I usually get side tracked easily
I'm not one to strike up a conversation (if you want to talk, talk to me first, cause I'm really shy)


"I won't be able to update any of my books for the next couple of months; I need to focus on my studies for awhile, but I'll try to upload some one shots and update my 'Voice Within' -poem collections- every now and then"
Always S^.^ile...

hugs and kisses... xOxOx


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Description: random poems that I wrote... always s^.^ile... xMsRoPaVax

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The sound of the bell rang as if it was above our heads. Jonah glanced at the half-eaten apple I still had in my hand, and stole it. He bit into the apple easily, before taking a few steps backwards.
Everyone's going on about the indirect kiss thing, but I'm gonna ask something completely off topic. What changed? The author used to describe half-full glasses as half-full glasses, but I noticed at one point in the story, the half-full glasses reference turned into a half-empty glasses?! I don't mean to pry to the author's private affairs, but I'm just really curious.

Reading the first question on an exam and thinking: "f*ck this, ill be a stripper"
Hmmm... I'm not even sure, if you're being sarcastic or what? Or maybe you're genuinely sad, that I can't dance? But I'll  just say that, that wasn't a literal statement, it was just a figure of speech...