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I LOVE drawing anime, sometimes painting or oil pastel drawing.
I LOVE to dance in my vacant time.
Working on my wattpad stories.
I LOVE to read books such like romance, horror, teen fiction, tragedy stories and manga.
I LOVE to watch Korean movies, drama, and especially romance. Also i love to Watch anime series and Smallville series.
Playing guitar or my organ piano in my vacant time.
Surfing net.
I Like taking some shoots on myself.
I LOVE eating a lot of foods.

"Nothing is impossible if you'll try, for God is with you and he will never abundon you."

"Life is like a box of chocolate, you'll never know what you're going to get."
"Always smile and the world will be tired of upsetting you."

-----------More About Me----------
"Annyong Haseyo! ^3^ Yeah its me! :)_friendly, a great associate with, a little bit naughty, sportive.A music lover, anime fanatic, and energetic person. 

Don't worry i don't bite. just a little bit. JOKE! :D Ahmmm... what else could i say... 

I'am just a simple girl who has a great and powerful dreams to come true. A girl who wants to have a happily ever after some day. And a girl who has a great belief to Jesus Christ. I'm a Born Again Christian, i'm the eldest of four siblings, i'm lovable, helpful, people said that i'm kind and nice. I'm a determine person, i'm a person who believes that i can do anything through Christ, and i'm a kind of person who is naughty, stubborn, sometimes noisy but a serious person when it comes to things that should be serious at.

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zach... :(
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true. :) I'm excited about what Tori would know about Chloe and James. :D I'm imagining a chapter title like: "Confession" or "The Truth" :)
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haha! xD
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