I'm Brooklyn.
      But my Starbucks alias is Hazel.
      I like tea.
      Music is greater than everything.
      You're cool.
      I'm Canadian.
      I like cats too.
      I hate politics.
      Unless they're American.
      I love One Direction.
      Poptarts are the greatest invention ever.
      I love the smell of crayons.
      And the shampoo at my grandparents' house.
      And the smell of my grandparents' house in general.
      I like Starbucks a bit too much.
      John Green is my favourite everything.
      I love to travel.
      I hate people.
      I stay at home most of the time.
      Don't be afraid to message me about anything.
      I'm nice.
      Unless I know you in real life.
      Then go away.
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