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ummm I don't like doing these because im absoulutely awful at doing this so im going to list some things i like to do
1. i like to draw
2. i love to read 
3.i like to write poetry mainly 18
5.i love to learn to new languages like japanese,korean,french, and last but not least Sign language
if you wanna know more please ask me.

this part, i kinda borrowed the idea from someone
My dreams: to go in to the air force and travel to places
My favorite flower: rose
My favorite animal: Jaguar and panther
My favorite colors: Black,Ruby red, Sapphire blue
My favorite season: spring
My favorite candy: don't have one but if i had to pick it would be poki
My favorite drink: Lemon water
My favorite type of music: K-pop,J-pop,rock,metal,electronica, rock, techno, french pop
My favorite activities: Learning languages mainly sign lang(japanese and korean sign as well), japanese,korean(non-sign related)


My poems

My poems

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