My dreams: to go in to the air force( got in and loved every moment of it) and travel to places (still on going)
Places I traveled to: Lackland TX, Biloxi MS, Kansas City, MO/KS, Knobnoster MO, Warrensburg MO, San Francisco CA, Portland OR.
My favorite flower is and probably will always be a rose
My favorite animals are Jaguars, panthers and crows 
My favorite colors are  Black,Ruby red, Sapphire blue
My favorite season: spring( even though I have major allergies during the spring)
My favorite candy would have to be anything sour.
My favorite drink would have to be the ICE drinks 
My favorite type of music: K-pop,J-pop,rock,metal,electronica, rock, techno, french pop
My favorite activities: Learning languages mainly sign lang(japanese and korean sign as well), japanese,korean(non-sign related).
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    Keeping it strange, WA
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From Rain to Fire

From Rain to Fire

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Wishing to leave the eternal rain that fell upon Amegakure to somewhere warmer and with less rain, Fuyuk...

My poems

My poems

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I think you have a good idea going here and should keep it up, but... When you have a new person speaking that wasn't the previous person you should have it be its own paragraph so it makes it easier to read (my opinion.) also maybe you could slow down a bit it felt as if you were trying to rush this chapter. maybe I don't know have her talk about her mission or just explain some more things in detail. 
Another thing that I noticed in there was that there were a lot of typographical errors in that are easy fixes. A recommendation would to find an editor and have them go over it, giving advice where it is needed. 

If you need any help in the future or have any questions please feel  free to message me, I will get to it as soon as possible. Last thing before I go i wish you best of luck in your writing here on wattpad.