(( I shit you not... If there is any role-playing on here with me... It will NOT be serious.. ))

I am a large young man. I am seemingly bighearted and innocent, but is in reality i am childishly cruel. I come off as intimidating without even saying a word, my gentle smile and disposition only intensifying the aura of dread which seems to constantly hang over me.

0% Prussian
█ 10% Snow
██ 20% Faucet Pipe
███ 30% CRAZY
████ 40% Bi-Polar
█████ 50% Hetalia Freak
██████ 60% Sweet!
███████ 70% Evil
████████ 80% Murderer
█████████ 90% Vodka
██████████ 100% RUSSIAN!!!

. ♥/l、
(゚、 。 7~
 l、 ~ヽ
 じしf_, )ノ ITALY CAT!

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Russia's Fact's of Life!

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Matthias:....Dude Russia....just description just scares me ;_;
Lukas:...You do magic right...?
Emil:....Your the one who wanted one of Finny's ports right?
Tino: Ehehe _sweatdrops_ 
Berwald:_stares intently at Russia for wanting the ports_