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My full name is Romona but friends and family call me Mona.

 I am 16 years old and I have been reading since I was very young. 
I started to write when I was about 12. 
The name of my first book was Amethyst: The Beginning, but I got a writers block and I stopped writing. I started back when I was 14 writing a book called Achilles I invented two of the races for which I had to do alot of research for and there were also vampires, friends and family loved it and were always waiting for me to write a few pages so they could read. 
Because of examination I stopped writing Achilles and when I was ready to start back I realised that the idea of vampires was very used and abused and decided that I would make another race and therefore I would have to completely remodel the story. I want to share Achilles's journey with whosever is interested. I hope you all like this story and give me your feedback on what you think. 

My email address is

Sidenotes: I'll be freiends to anyone as long as they're nice to me *I love making friends*

                     I loooove the beaccchhh!!!!!

                     I like to give lots of trouble to my friends and family, i'm mischevious, fun and a prankster :D

                     I like to always keep those around me happy, I hate to see those I care about sad, it make me sad.
                    I hate bugs :(

                    I loveee Roti!

                    I've never been on a roller coaster but whenever I do it i'll tell you all about it!!

                    I like to bite my friends....I love Game of Thrones and True Blood

                    Favourtie childhood show CHARMED!!! :D

                    Fan me and message me whenever you want I like to meet knew people and learn about them.


Achilles: Pepromene

Achilles: Pepromene

4 parts / 6 pages, updated Feb 03, 2013PG-13Pictures
Achilles is the tale of a young Prince destined to be the mate of the wrong girl living in the wrong place,at the wrong time from the wrong family. Their pasts hinderin... read more
2,061 reads votes 69 comments 87

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Achilles: Pepromene

@oahehmghee Aww sorri I haven't seen your comment until now!! Oh and yes thanks for correcting me he's in fact the Nos (Norse) God of mischeif! :D...
Achilles: Pepromene

@Vampsandmoonlight :D (y) @NessaElise Loool Thank you!!!! and I will (y)!!
Achilles: Pepromene