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                                                the rest of the world will not.
                                                Wear it like armor, and it can
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Description: "The feeling that was left with his loss... Well, it felt like frostbite." [my entry for the Frost one-shot competition]

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The relationship between Kimmy and Tav is the most intense, complicated, and most definitely interesting thing I have ever read about. I think you just won the prize for "creating the most complicated relationship". But I actually really like both of them because Kimmy is a really funny character, and I love the fact that she doesn't care of what people are going to say, she says what she thinks even if it's disturbing to her best friend. Honest people are the best kind of people.
And then Tav is kind of a jerk, but there's also good in him. Like he may make comments like the one about him and Kimmy doing it on the loos, but it's very obvious that he actually cares about her, and I think that's a really important thing in a relationship.

I also adore Dev, but I think that's pretty obvious in my previous comments. 

And I also love Edie, and I'm saying this cos I don't think I mention that as often as I should. I'm always just praising Rory (and I have a really good reason cos she's the reddest ever), but I think it's about damn time I express my love for Edie loving Disney. What I love the most about her is that no matter how old she is, she still hasn't lost that hint of innocence that goes with us in our childhoods, and I find her utterly adorable. Plus she's really committed to what she likes, and that's a. Incredible thing. She's a very lovable character, and I adore her to.

All of your characters are lovable, and I can't help but to obsess with your stories. Sorry about that.

I can't wait to meet Bridger's family either!! I think his family is quite the opposite from Brenna's and that's just the big hint that tells me I'm actually going to like this family a lot!!! I bet they're super cute and nice and random, and basically the family had always wanted (hint for Brenna to marry Bridger and live happily ever after).

And the part about the cows was hilarious, so you can imagine I absolutely adored it cos it was brilliant. I still think that the best that could happen to the world is a GPS with Alan Rickman's voice, like that could be the coolest thing in the world. So I actually imagined Stan with Alan Rickman's voice.

I love this story so much Meg, it's great!

I loved this chapter so much, especially cos I was really longing to get to know more about Bridger Origi Nal. I think he's a really special character (as well as Brenna), and there's something really sweet and appealing that drags me into loving this character. Plus he's a writer.

I also loved the card game with the janitors cos what they said in the end was really true, and kids nowadays barely care about old men, yet he stood there and played with them nonetheless. And I hope he adds that into his story too, that would be really rad.