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Description: Winter is the most important time of the year for this lovely medieval-themed park. Why, you may ask? Well, simply because winter is the most beautiful time of the year with all its wonderful celebrations, and what better way to spend it than with a...

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Moira7 commented on Hollis and Ivey - Two

So finals have finally given me time to read, which is a great deal because this chapter was really really lovely to read <3
I love the fact that they're finally starting to get along, even if it's by small steps. I know the relationship between these two siblings is going to be really fun to read, even if it started as something really hard. But it must have been really difficult for them, and I love the job you made because it was extremely realistic, and that's a great thing for a writer to do. You're an excellent writer Lyd, never forget that!!

I also actually adore Hollis? I know many people don't like him, but I can't see why cos I think he's such an interesting character. I mean I loved the fact that you made him bi cos diverse characters are so much fun and so much more interesting than normal ones, but I also really like his personality. I dunno, I guess I have a thing for grumpy guys, but like really - I adore him.

I really love this story Lyd, thank you so much for writing it :)