I am a simple girl from California who loves nothing more then to curl up in her den, a good movie on the TV, a log on the fire, a pot of tea beside me and my computer on my lap so I can either read or write while I sit in a pair of flannel pajamas with a fleece blanket over my legs as its pouring rain outside.
Like me or my books?...Great! Thanks! Hate me and my Books? Great! That's your opinion...but I only take creative criticism...not bullying...keep it clean and nice
I am a Senior in High School and I am working on many things at once, but mainly school and editing TS:THR for publishing possibilities.
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All of my covers are made with pictures I find searching Google (or in the case of 'The Shifters, made by others) and the pictures are property of their respective owners. I do not own them.
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Red Riding Hood Meets The Wolf: Book One of The Hunted Series

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Description: Red Riding Hood is a story everyone knows, but do you know this story? This isn’t the normal Little Red Riding Hood. This is Vanessa Fence. Vanessa is a normal girl who lives with her sister and Grandmother. She drives her little sister, Katy, to...

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The Shifters: The Guardians Secret

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The Shifters: The Hidden Race

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@_sambro_ Thank You!!! I have been working on it, but life has gotten in the way....Hopefully I'm still in time to save you from death @willywonkaismyuncle :D......I also promised that when I update I would use the banner/cover someone made me and post it with the new chapter as my new cover!!!