I am a simple girl from California who loves nothing more then to curl up in her den, a good movie on the TV, a log on the fire, a pot of tea beside me and my computer on my lap so I can either read or write while I sit in a pair of flannel pajamas with a fleece blanket over my legs as its pouring rain outside.
Like me or my books?...Great! Thanks! Hate me and my Books? Great! That's your opinion...but I only take creative criticism...not bullying...keep it clean and nice
I just graduated high school (1/23/15) and I am working on many things at once, but mainly starting college, volunteering at my church's school and editing TS:THR for publishing possibilities.
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All of my covers are made with pictures I find searching Google (or in the case of 'The Shifters and Red Riding Hood, made by others) and the pictures are property of their respective owners. I do not own them.
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Red Riding Hood Meets The Wolf: Book One (and Two) of The Hunted Series. (First Draft)

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Description: Red Riding Hood is a story everyone knows, but do you know this story? This isn’t the normal Little Red Riding Hood. This is Vanessa Fence. Vanessa is a normal girl who lives with her sister and Grandmother. She drives her little sister, Katy, to sc...

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The Shifters: The Guardians Secret

The Shifters: The Guardians Secret

721 43 1

Conrad has been gone for a couple weeks and Kat is excited to see him again. But when the meeting with C...



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Words was written while taking a break from NaNoWriMo. Words got published in a school publication as we...

The Shifters: The Hidden Race

The Shifters: The Hidden Race

10.3K 161 55

Kat Markovitz: A complete dork, with all of her classes being A.P. level, who has even skipped a grade...

The Royal Love Games

The Royal Love Games

1K 37 6

“Know this Mr. Prince. I can never love you or your family after what you have done. Go away. I will do...

“It’s nothing, but now you’re a Hunter and a Luna. You have to make a choice.” My ring tone went off as he was about to say what my choice was.
Oops! Typo!! It was supposed to be 'what my choices were' :P

“That’s her choice mutt.” Blue continued leaking into her eyes. And I knew I was getting Vanessa back. The gold was working. It’s their greatest weakness. “Damn it. Don’t give into them Fence. Don’t...
That sounds interesting!!! But I've never seen it......

She was almost defeated and Aretha knew it. She used her last leg to try and hit Conner’s hand to make him release her leg. It backfired on her and he then had both. He pulled out the other cuffs and...
She is like a spoiled kid almost, yes :P you can expect a lot of pouting and anger when things don't go her way!!!

She got more energy and she was starting to beat us again. I ran up to her and got a kick in her stomach. She hunched over in pain and Tim grabbed her arms pinning them behind her back. I grabbed the...
At least that's what my mind came up with

She got more energy and she was starting to beat us again. I ran up to her and got a kick in her stomach. She hunched over in pain and Tim grabbed her arms pinning them behind her back. I grabbed the...
I've never heard the song or read the story actually, sorry, but in this universe since werewolves weakness is silver and hunters are their opposites then gold seemed logical.......Caleb has had to use them before, or at least his father has. Plus they're only gold plated because pure gold would be too expensive

“Well she could be part mermaid. They use those tricks to lure unsuspecting men into they’re traps. It would be easy enough to test, you just dump water on them and a tail appears. She just turned se...
I know!!!! It can be frustrating!!!! But it was a funny thought in my head when I imagined the picture too :P