Status: Its hard to believe my little girl finely sleeps long enough for me to read a chapter of a book but then she wakes up again (8 months ago)


Name Misty Nicole
Location Camp Verde, Arizona
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I love to read and draw. I am a country girl. If you want to know more just ask. I have a beautiful little girl now (January 2013)  after I lost a son on December 31, 2010. I try to balance spending mommy time with my princess and quiet time to myself when she is napping.

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The Vampire Prince and His Human Slave Wife.The Vampire Prince and His Human Slave Wife.

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wow the aunt is a major *itch
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oh no Brian better start walking on egg shells around fran or she might just kick his butt and put him in his place... but I can see why he would ...
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@MusicRaspberryLove it's ok I have come to terms with losing my son. it took a lot for me but I did it. It was a lot of the why me and what did I...
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I think next time I go to Phoenix (which is about once a month) I might stop here and check it out lol
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I am glad to see fran trying to make amends with her past it will help her with her future. .. I had to do the same thing after I lost my son so I...
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