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I'm so sorry I haven't been around for like the past year. I feel so bad that I let all my friends down. I promise I will try to carry on, but life is real busy. I still am so sorry. I will try to make it up by writing short stories for everyone. This won't really work out, as I'm the worst person to be committed to things. Just saying that I still love and adore you all x I never forgot about Wattpad. x 

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I'm back baby!

M x

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(Insert chosen curse word here) NOT HARRICAAAAA @hiimharryswife ITS ZARICAAAAAA OR LOUVIE!
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@lildevil1221 Exactly. So why dont you give me some?? :P
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mesheshehehejfhfuvh,bnf@lildevil1221 hAPPEH BARFDAY FOR DE 18TH :ppppppp
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I choose drown in kitty litter. Hell to the no I aint leaving witout maii kitteh!
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