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Uh, hi. :)

Im a music junkie XD

Favorite artists aree... Jack Johnson, Sleigh Bells, Kanye West, Lily Allen, 

Im really not sarcastic. At all. Nope, not me. (Sarcasm)

Im kinda random.

Panda bears are awesome!

Im super crazy sometimes. 

Also rude and mean, but in a teasing, funny way. Not a rude and mean way. (If that makes sense??)

I prefer dogs.

I'll poke you if I want to. You don't have a choice in it.

I'm dorky, and you know you love it. <3

P.S. My socks don't match! :O

Bye :)




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Hey you! Yes, you. I wanna read your story!

Hey you! Yes, you. I wanna read your story!

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Is mark the mark from bluebird? If so, that is so awesome.

I like how you put Benedict Cumberbatch as The Males(: I love sherlock holmes...
Finding Love in a Coffee Shop

Effie Stonem on the cover! I love skins..

Sounds a bit like the plot of the Apprentice Heir. ..I'll read it anyways. I voted as soon as I read the first sentence. (:
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